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2nd Book of Commandments 144

Revelation received March 14, 1988
At Santaquin, Utah

My Son, ye have come before Me requesting My word and will at this time.
And I say unto you that there are those about you that are in danger of losing their exaltation, for they do desire those things that they are not prepared to receive.
Nevertheless, let them heed My will through My servant and they will be forgiven.
I say unto you My servants, that I am your Savior, yea even the Advocate with the Father.
And the Father is the Creators of this earth, even Eloheim, Jehovah and Michael.
And all who have been to My holy Temple know this, yet their minds have become confounded and they understand this not.
For were there not three that were instrumental in the organizing and in the creation of this earth, yea even these three? And ye know them as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
And when ye call unto them "Father" ye speak unto all of them, for is this not the meaning of the word Father, even the "creator"?
For did they not, being in total harmony and unity, organize and create this earth for the habitation of Michael's spirit children?
10 For when ye speak unto one of them, ye speak unto them all. And can ye not then understand this? --for your minds are yet even dull.
11 And unto My servant Walther, I do say unto him that it would be best that he be directed by Me through the still small voice, for he hath this gift that he may govern his affairs concerning his calling.
12 For I will guide and direct him in this manner if he will have it.
13 And concerning the women, ye shall teach them and prepare and partake with them My sacrament that they be prepared for the difficult times that lay ahead.
14 For the time soon cometh when those who flee not to Zion shall perish.
15 And unto My other servants, I say unto them that I reward a man not for what he saith but for what he doeth.
16 For faith is evidenced by works.
17 And if a man make an error let him admit his error and be free of it. For if he admit it not, it shall be with him and condemn him at the end.
18 And thus I make an end of speaking at this moment.
Even so Amen!
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