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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 145

Revelation received July 11, 1988
At Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

My son, it is imperative that ye listen to what I your Savior have to say, for I have more things to say unto this people that they may be instructed and purified, that they may better prepare themselves for that which is to come.
What have I said already to My servants that have stepped forward at this time? Yea and have they heeded My Word? Behold I say unto you, nay!
Except for My servant Walther and My servant Heber and My servant and some of what My servant Richard is acceptable unto Me.
Who else then is doing what I have commanded? Behold if they heed not My word on their behalf, will I not shortly spew them out of My mouth?
For they have all what I have spoken unto them, and they yet heed it not.
Yet I will be patient for yet awhile.

And yet again some complain that ye receive no further revelation.
I your Savior say unto you that they shall receive through thee, revelation upon revelation if they but heed My word and do what I have commanded.
And if they heed it not, they shall receive no such blessing: for I will dry up the heavens on their behalf, like I dried up the heavens to the leaders of My church, and which I do to all who heed not My word
10 And I give unto you the words that shall legally bring a man or woman unto the United Order and shall legally return unto him his stewardship.
11 For this has been a stumbling block unto you that ye can progress no further.

12 And when someone desires the rewards of this world rather than the rewards of heaven, that is the blessing they shall receive.
13 For My maidservant Heather and My maidservant Opal and My servant William and My servant Stephen broke their sacred covenants that they made with Me their Savior, and desired an immediate reward and a blessing of the world, and have trampled the most sacred of covenants under their feet, and have cast My pearls of truth before the most vile of swine.
14 Yea and they have received their rewards from those whom they serve.
15 And the reward they would have received from Me their Savior or by My hand can no longer be given, for Eternal rewards are predicated upon faith and works.
16 And if a person desireth their inheritance before they have earned it, and demand it in this life, even like unto My maidservant Mildred, then they shall receive their inheritance in this life like unto My maidservant Sandra and My maidservant Vicki.
17 Behold I say unto you, they receive not their inheritance in the hereafter for they desired it in this life like unto My servant Esau-- for he took his inheritance, even all that belonged unto his father, but My servant Jacob desired the greater, yea even an Eternal inheritance.
18 And if a man or woman desireth a blessing by the law of the land, then let them seek to the law of the land for their reward, for I your Savior cannot reward you.
19 For such have the leaders and members of My Church done, for they have sought a blessing at the hands of the law of the land and the blessing they have received is to be at peace with these laws.
20 Therefore, they have their reward, but the reward cometh not from Me, for I cannot bless them for a blessing they seek from another.
21 Behold, they must seek the blessing from the master they desire to serve.
22 And unto My servant David, I say unto him, if he seeketh after a blessing from the world, how then can I bless him in a spiritual manner?
23 For blessings one seeks from the world end when one leaves this existence, but when one seeks spiritual blessings they are rewarded eternally.
24 For if a man or woman seek worldly things, they shall reap worldly things, but if they seek heavenly things, they shall reap heavenly things, even Life Eternal.
25 For one reaps what they sow.
26 For of all that have stepped forward at this time, there is not one who seeketh the establishment of Zion and the Kingdom with all their hearts, for they still desire the praise of others and the praise of the world; and therefore let their hearts be towards those whom they wish to serve, and if it not be Me their Savior, let it be some other master, for every man is rewarded in some manner by those whom he serves.

27 And when My maidservant Mildred has received all her inheritance in this life, then their remaineth none for her in this life nor in the life hereafter, and she shall be as a servant only, even like unto the prodigal son who demanded all his inheritance, and when he had squandered it all, there was none left, and he returned unto his father's household, but not as a son but as a servant.
28 So shall be those who demand their own, for they shall not receive the blessings of the righteous.

29 And again unto My servant David, is he not willing to give all? For unless he does so I his Savior cannot bless him further.
30 And he alone knoweth what I his Savior means, for all that he has belongeth unto another.
31 And I cannot give unto him what is his until he returneth that what is not his. For if he doeth not this, the blessing he shall receive will be unto him a temporal blessing and not an Eternal one.
32 Behold I say unto you, this is a hard saying.
Even so, Amen.
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