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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 146

Revelation received in August 1988
At Santaquin, Utah

My son, I your LORD cannot bring to pass Zion until I have a people prepared to accomplish the things I have commanded.
For there is not yet one family, yea even one man and one woman that have prepared themselves.
For what can a man accomplish in the eternities without the woman who has completely repented and placed herself under My will?
For they cling to their material possessions, and they cling to those who will bring them to destruction.
For have I, your Savior, not said while I was yet on this earth that unless ye leave father, mother, husband, wife, brothers, sisters, friends and even your children for My name's sake, ye are not worthy of My Kingdom, and cannot enter therein?
Yea, many will say that this is a hard saying, and will rebel against it, for they will cling unto the evil and reject the good, for they have not the Spirit.
For those who are willing to leave all for My name's sake shall be rewarded in this life a hundredfold, and in the world to come, Eternal Life.
And woe unto those who pity themselves for this saying, changing its meaning to bring remorse upon themselves without cause.

Yet My Servant hath built up a debt in his favor (yet he is not yet perfect before Me) and it is for this reason that those who bless him will be blessed, and those who curse him will be cursed with a cover of darkness and with sorrow.
10 And many who are blessed in this world, because they have not earned their blessing, build up a debt not in their favor, which in the hereafter must be repaid even an hundredfold.

11 For I give unto you an example. For a man was given of God several wives, and one said unto him, "I will take mine inheritance and leave." And he did as she requested, and gave unto her her inheritance, and she did leave.
12 And another seeing the advantage did desire the same.
13 And the third came before him and said, "I will not take mine inheritance but will leave just the same, for I desire not thy company but desire another's".
14 And again the wife of his youth did come before him and also desired her inheritance and demanded one-half of all his possessions.
15 And behold, she took much more than this, even nearly all he owned, for she was supported by corrupt and greedy officials.
16 Yet the LORD blessed him with another who was faithful unto him, yet she repented not from all her tradition, but she did not desire her inheritance and stayed and ministered unto him.

17 Behold I say unto you, when a man or woman desireth his or her inheritance on this earth, they receive it not either on this earth or in the heavens, for they are like unto the prodigal son, they have used it up, and must, if they repent not, enter in as servants and be as slaves until they have again redeemed themselves by hard work and labor, and proven themselves again to be worthy of My kingdom.
18 For a man or woman cannot be rewarded for that for which they worketh not, for such is not the order of the heavens, for such is the device of the evil one, to enslave one to do his will.

19 For unto the man's wives who desired their inheritance and received it, behold they have their rewards, and if they desire to return they will come back to the man's household as servants and be subject to the direction of others of his household who hath been faithful.
20 And to that woman who left, yet took not her inheritance, behold she hath denied the faith, yet if she truly repenteth, she shall enter back into the household and have her former standing.
21 And as to the wife of his youth that demandeth her inheritance, behold she is justified, yet she hath used her inheritance, and if she repents and returns to her husband, she entereth as a servant, yet if she taketh that which is not hers, she incurs a debt that must be paid.
22 And therefore, she returns not as a servant, but as a slave, and must pay back an hundredfold of all that she hath taken unjustly.
23 For repentance entaileth not only sorrow for the wrong that hath been done, but the repayment of the debts that have accumulated both on a physical and on a spiritual basis.
24 Behold, there is yet to be much sorrow and the gnashing of teeth, for not even mercy can rob justice.
25 Yet sins are forgiven through true repentance, even through the sacrifice I did make upon the cross.
26 Yet to those who repent not, their sins remain.

27 And behold I say unto you, the wives that choose to stay with their righteous husband will be rewarded according to their deeds.
28 Yet I find not yet one of the daughters of Adam that will serve Me; for not one of My maidservants is willing to totally submit herself unto My will, to raise up unto Me a righteous generation-- yea, even a generation that will seek only My will.
29 For they leave not the dead who have forsaken Me for the things of this world, yea even their father, mother, sisters, brothers, friends, possessions, earthly obligations and covenants, but cling unto them rather than unto Me their LORD and Savior.
30 And they accept unto themselves a false sign and witness and at the end will be turned away.
Even so, Amen.
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