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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 147

Revelation Received in September 1988
At Santaquin, Utah

Behold I your Savior and Redeemer do speak unto you again at this time, for ye have wondered more concerning the marriage covenant.
And ye had wondered why My servants in olden times took unto themselves wives and concubines, and how they distinguished between the two.
Behold I your Savior do give unto you instruction concerning this matter.
For if a descendant of Israel took to wife one of his own and she had a sign and a witness from the Father, he then could take this woman unto himself as a wife, and she was a wife indeed unto him.
Yet if he took unto himself a woman from among the heathen, she was not unto him as a wife, but as a concubine-- for such it was in ancient Israel.
For David and Solomon had many wives and concubines, and in the taking of these they sinned not; only when they received wives that were not given unto them by the Father did they sin.
And so it is that the true blood of Israel hath this blessing.

And this I do say unto you that if ye take unto yourselves of the true daughters of Israel and they receive thee by a true sign and witness, behold they are unto thee as true wives and they are thine and none can take them from thee.
And if ye take unto thyself a woman from among the Gentiles; behold, they need not a sign and witness, and if they be willing to be unto thee a concubine, then ye shall take and raise up children from them.
10 And behold I say unto you, here is wisdom; for if a woman being a Gentile bring forth Israelitish children, then even though she appeareth as a Gentile, behold she hath Israelitish blood.
11 Then she can request that her Gentile blood be purged from her, and when she hath had this ordinance done, she can become unto this man a wife for she is then an Israelite, and hath all the rights of an Israelite woman.
12 And she need not a sign, for the man hath redeemed her for a price.
13 And if her posterity continue faithful in keeping My laws and statutes, and they marry from that time forth only those with true Israelitish blood, behold after four generations will they not then bring forth the pure seed of Israel?
14 Nevertheless, in some cases, ten generations must pass before the Gentile blood is indeed entirely purged from them.
15 Behold, I your LORD give unto you a commandment that ye are not to marry any of the seed of Cain, for even but one drop of blood from this tribe preventeth any from receiving Mine Holy Priesthood.
16 And behold, if ye are indeed keeping My commandments every whit, these shall be made known unto thee by the power of discernment.

17 And now My son, the time has come wherein I will reveal unto you more concerning My lost sheep who have been hidden up among the Gentile and the heathen nations.
18 For I have promised My servant Jacob that what was lost and scattered must surely be found and gathered.
19 And behold, I have made known unto you how Levi should be identified, so also will I identify My servant Judah who was scattered among the nations even among the Israelites who themselves were scattered throughout the heathen nations and who intermarried among them.
20 For those who tower above their brethren of every tribe, and among all nations and people, and who have the signs of the Israelite are surely of this tribe.
21 Yet and if they have not the sign and yet tower above their brethren, behold they have much Gentile blood and cannot be counted of that tribe unless they are proven.
22 And if a man tower above his brethren and hath the sign and also hath the sign of Levi, behold he is of mixed blood, even of the tribe of Levi and the tribe of Judah, yet he will be counted among the tribe of Levi.
23 And yet again, if he tower above his brethren and be left handed, behold he is of the house of Benjamin, yea even of the one-half portion of that tribe that stayed with Judah at the time of the division.
24 Nevertheless, the half of the tribe that went not with Judah are not thus identified for they have their own place.
25 And thus ye have more of the keys that identify the tribes as I have promised.

26 And a woman shall seek a sign and witness to a man, even among their own tribe that each may be identified and stand in his own place.
27 And this shall be the case except it be by direct revelation from Me saith the LORD.
28 Nevertheless, only the righteous and those who totally repent of these tribes shall enter into My rest.

29 And again I speak unto you and give a commandment unto My servant Walther that he establish My School in West Germany for I have given unto him enough for this purpose.
30 And he himself shall be the President and he shall appoint by revelation those who will be his councilors, yea even My servant Willi Daase, and My servant Manfred and My servant Peter Braun and My servant Jan; and yet I will bring others.
31 And ye shall set up the School, and ye shall learn your duties and obligations wherein ye can begin to be unto Me profitable servants, not usurping others powers, but attending to the commandments and responsibilities of the School.
32 And ye shall not wait to form a full quorum, but ye shall organize with those whom I have called, for I have surely called them.
33 For not many of the great and notable do I call, but I call those who are but the ordinary people.
34 And this I do for a wise purpose, that no man can say that he is greater than his brethren.
35 For the righteous are not converted by grand and loud speaking, but by the Spirit that worketh in them that their faith be on a firm foundation.
36 Concern yourself not about gaining members, for I call whom I call, and reject whom I reject.
37 And I say unto My servant Walther, that this shall be the case until another have sufficient strength and knowledge to take the head in his stead.
38 And ye shall prepare yourselves for many important things to come, for ye need not think that ye will escape sacrifice, neither will ye escape trials, neither will ye escape persecutions, for I will prove all who are Mine.
39 For those who are Mine are willing to sacrifice all for My sake.
40 And this I say unto you for the moment, even your Savior. Amen.
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