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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 148

Revelation Received in April 1989
At Santaquin, Utah

My son, I your Savior am saddened that My servants who have so long time been with you understood not the signs and miracles that I wrought in these last few days.
And the signs and miracles were visible only to you and none else, for if I had brought to pass even greater miracles, others who were not prepared or worthy would have recognized them and been under greater condemnation, for I have nurtured you and have fed you and have given you the truth and ye witnessed these miracles and yet ye treated them as naught.
And as to My maidservant Deborah2, behold I have given unto her many signs and a witness as to whom she should take unto herself as a husband, yet she has not heard nor heeded My will, and has completely turned away from her head, even My servant David.
For unto her I gave him, even as a file leader, that she be not led astray; yet she heeded the advice of those around her that sought not her welfare but that they might use her to their advantage.
And at the beginning I did give unto her a testimony that the writings she had read were from her Maker, and this she cannot deny.
And at first her heart was right before Me, and she sought to do My will, but the adversary, seeing the good she could accomplish, sent those who were wise in the ways of the world, and they beguiled her, and she thought their advise of greater worth than that of My servant, and she heeded their advise above Mine, saith the LORD, and she was left unto her own, to make her own decisions.
And thus she was led away unto forbidden paths and she denied My Spirit that had attended her for a time, and for this she has suffered much.
For unto those who rebel against My Spirit, I remove much truth from their minds that doubt is allowed to enter in, and this I do that they receive not a greater condemnation.
Nevertheless, if she repents I will forgive her and restore her former testimony and witness.
10 And the signs that I did give unto her, and the miracles I did perform on her behalf she will begin to understand.
11 And when she knows the truth concerning the matter, she shall bear witness of it, for she shall know that it is true.
12 For a woman is of no value unto a man unless she actively supports him in all his righteous desires.
13 For a woman who is passive and permissive is of little worth unto a man and is even unto him a great burden. For as he is totally dedicated in the building up of My kingdom so shall she also be dedicated.
14 Even then will My work progress upon the Earth.
15 Behold I say unto you, here is wisdom: heed it and dedicate thyself unto Me, and behold, nothing shall be held back, for so am I bound by My Word.
16 For have I not said, "Seek ye first the Kingdom, and all things shall be added unto thee as they are needed"?
17 Behold I say unto thee, great wealth without this would destroy thee.
18 And unto My servant David, behold I his Savior say unto him through My servant, that he shall seek after revelation in this matter, for there must be two witnesses in this that none can come at a later date and dispute it, for such will try.
19 And there shall be no hesitancy, otherwise the adversary shall again enter in and that which was gained will be lost.
Even so, Amen.
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