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2nd Book of Commandments 149

Revelation Received April 2, 1989
At Santaquin, Utah

Behold My son, I am well pleased with My servants in Germany, for they have come forth in the midst of great adversity, and have shown humility in that they have accepted My word through My Servant.
And they have brought forth fruit in establishing My school in that part of My vineyard.
Yet I will try them again to see if they will be faithful unto Me and continue on in the narrow path which is My word, which leadeth to Eternal Life.
For I have called them forth from Babylon at a great price, for they have suffered much in persecution for My sake.
And I say unto them, I have not called them in vain, for they are the beginnings of My gathering forth of My chosen seed, even Israel.
And unto My servant Walther, he desireth to know of which tribe he belongs, and behold I say unto you, he is of the house of Ephraim. Nevertheless, he has much of the tribe of Asher in his veins.
For the seed of Asher is mainly in the western part of Germany, yea even from the borders of the countries of Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland and the Eastern part of Germany encompass this tribe.
Yet there are also many from the other tribes of Israel mixed therein even from the tribes of Dan, Ephraim, Zebulun, Manasseh, Issachar and Benjamin, but the main portion are from the tribe of Asher.
And My servant Walther has been desirous to take the truth of My gospel to the Jewish nation, and behold I say unto you that this is correct, for I have not called him to seek out the other tribes, for their time is not yet, unless I call them for a specific purpose.
10 For I will yet call Judah first, for unto him shall the gathering be, for he was scattered among the nations at the time of the dispersion, after My crucifixion.
11 And he fled even to the lands where his brethren had previously gone, even to the lands of western Europe, and they in the main accepted them that were dispersed and they mingled their seed among them, and thus I hid them up.
12 Yet I put a mark upon them that they be identified among their brethren in the latter days.
13 And another mark I did place upon Levi that they also be identified, that they also come forth at this time to offer an offering in righteousness.
14 And behold My son, My servant Joseph Smith was given the keys of the gathering of Israel through the Patriarchal order, wherein each are identified as to who their tribe may be.
15 But I say unto you, that this power has now been lost and they do make a mockery of this gift of discernment for they understand not the other signs that accompany it.

16 And at the time of My servant Joseph Smith, behold I did call forth the tribe of Joseph as a similitude to him being sold into Egypt, which is spiritual Babylon.
17 And he did shine forth for a season and did establish again My Priesthoods and he doth retain it to pass unto Israel's other sons.
18 Nevertheless the sons of Ephraim have become polluted and have corrupted My holy doctrines and there are but few left who are faithful.
19 Yet there shall be sufficient to accomplish My holy purposes.
20 And as he saved his brethren temporarily at that time, so also he shall save his brethren spiritually at this time.
21 And thus My servants have been called who are of the house of Joseph through Ephraim: even My servant Robert and My servant David, and My servant Heber, also My servant Robert2, and My servant Edward and My servant Lee. These all be from the house of Joseph.
22 And it is My will that you go unto the people called the fundamentalists, and after ye have completed this mission ye shall leave them alone.
23 And from this time forth ye shall no longer seek out the Gentile, for their time and portion hath been fulfilled; and from this time forth your voice be unto the House of Israel and none else.
24 And ye are to make them aware of their lineage and let them step forward if they so desire.
25 And I call My servant Walther to go to the residue of the fundamentalists and another I will yet call to go with him to replace those who are unable and those who are fallen.
Even so, Amen.
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