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2nd Book of Commandments 150

Revelation Received May 13, 1989
At Santaquin, Utah

My son, what shall I say unto you concerning My servant Richard? Behold I say unto you he is a choice spirit unto Me, and if he persists in his righteous quests, behold a time will come when he will be able to overcome that which troubles him.
For those who persist in the name of truth shall eventually prevail, and the greater odds they overcome the greater reward I have prepared for them.
And he has been extremely concerned concerning his family, and where he stands with them, and I say unto him that he be no longer concerned for them, for they are his.
And I gave unto him his wife Piper even before the foundation of the world, and if he remains faithful, behold she shall be his for the eternities, and his children are his if he follows all that he can pertaining to My law in this corrupt and perverse and evil generation.
And his wife Piper has committed a grievous error in not standing by and sustaining her head at a most critical time, and for this she will suffer greatly; nevertheless, all may receive forgiveness through true repentance.

And unto My servant Richard, I His Savior say unto him that much of what he suffers in spirit is due much to the Gentile blood that flows in his veins. For those who came before him in his family took unto themselves wives from the heathen and their descendants ye are.
And it is this that causeth the disturbance within thee, and it is for this reason that ye battle continually within.
And when ye are given power from on high ye shall be able to purge this blood from the veins of those who are afflicted that they again be the pure blood of Israel, and again be profitable servants unto Me.
And I say unto him again that ye were not meant nor called to carry the gospel to the heathen, and for this reason ye were called home from your mission in the church.
10 For it is your calling to carry the truth of the gospel to the Jewish nation, for ye are of that blood and belong unto that tribe, being a descendant of My most faithful of servants.
Even so, Amen.
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