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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 151

Various Undated Revelations
At Santaquin, Utah

Thus saith the LORD unto My Servant. Be not discouraged, for I am with thee and ye shall write the letter ye have been instructed to write that those whom I have blessed in a material manner may have an opportunity to be blessed in a spiritual manner.
And ye shall also prepare the covenants of the United Order as I have before indicated.
Nevertheless, the adversary doth hinder thee in every way that thy time be wasted.
And also I command thee that ye will no longer obligate thyself to My servant Lee, for at the present time I have withdrawn My Spirit from him because of his lack of heedance of My word.
Nevertheless, if he repents, My Spirit will again attend him as in the past.

[Late 1987 or early 1988]

For behold I say unto you, that never before in the history of the world have I so blessed mankind.
For it is I that have blessed them, for I am Jehovah, and all things that are created are organized through My instrumentality;
And there is nothing that is given unto the children of man except it come from My presence.
Yet they have taken unto themselves this credit.
10 For all who work and desire the goods of this world can now obtain them, for never before has mankind been in such a prosperous condition.
11 Yet who has listened to Me or My word, even the Son? Behold I say unto you, there are nigh unto none.
12 For even those who have stepped forward say they believe, but believe not, for they do not the works I have instructed them to do, for they heed not the instruction of My servant, and say unto themselves that he is but a dottering old man full of simple things.

13 Behold I say unto you My son, that those who received the oracles of Israel were honored among man, and even My servant Joseph Smith did receive honor and station among the faithful brethren.
14 Nevertheless, among this generation, ye receive no honor, for ye are enslaved by your brethren and have no time to receive Mine oracles and are shamed when ye cannot complete them. [1988]

15 For behold, man understandeth not Me nor My works, for unto Me there is no such thing as time, for with Me there is no beginning or no end, and age meaneth nothing unto Me.
16 Nevertheless, a child must grow up to be accountable. [1988]
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