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2nd Book of Commandments 152

Revelation Received December 15, 1988
At Santaquin, Utah

My son, ye have asked Me your Savior why My servant Lee has not prospered in spite of thy prayers and blessings on his behalf.
Behold I say unto you that the commandment which I gave unto him when I entrusted him and placed upon him the responsibility of the Ozondah, to make thee equal was in accordance with the law I gave unto Mine ancient people Israel.
For a Gentile, even though he hath Israelitish blood, can be equal only and not be over an Israelite in any business establishment in Zion.
And this I commanded to be done on several occasions, and yet he heeded not My word except in the issuing of shares and even in this it was not equal, for he continually had the controlling amount.
And as being equal in other matters it was not heeded, for his income well exceeded by many times that earned by My Servant.
For in his heart he desired the head, and sought every opportunity to take unto himself more; and it is for this reason I now take the Ozondah from him and will give this responsibility unto another.
For what he has now is his own and what he builds up will be unto himself, and ye shall return the shares unto him that he has given unto thee, for I have completely taken this responsibility from him.
For I could not give this responsibility unto another until I had given him sufficient time to repent.
And behold, he has chosen to be an agent unto himself.
10 And he shall pursue what he hath as his stewardship if he so desire, for every man has this right, to build up his stewardship if he desireth to come under the covenants of the United Order after the Holy order of God, and obey true principles and covenants.
11 And thus ye are to understand from this time forth that in the true order of My kingdom those who are of the true blood of Israel must have precedence, and those who are of Gentile extraction, and it is predominant in their blood, cannot govern but can be equal only.
12 And for this reason, I did give this instruction unto My servant Lee, so that the functions of the Ozondah I did give unto him could be in conformity with the laws of the kingdom.
13 And now ye understand the laws concerning this matter, and ye have the more knowledge and keys.
14 For I give unto you key upon key for the gathering of Israel. For it has now begun.
Even so, Amen.
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