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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 154

Revelation Received
February 28 and March 3, 1989
At Santaquin, Utah

Thus saith the LORD, even Jehovah, yea even the Creator.
For were not all things that were created, created by Me or by My word or by the power of the Holy Priesthood after the Order of the Son?
For it is by this power or intelligence that all things both in the heavens and in the earth were created.
For I did carry out all the instructions of the Father to create, and it was done as He commanded to organize all things spiritual and all things temporal from chaos unto order.
And thus all things were organized according to all Eternal laws and principles, that there would be order and rectitude both in the heavens and in the earth.
And thus I did organize and create man in Mine own image, and gave unto him laws that if he obeyed he would have Eternal progression, even to the point where he would be in perfect order and receive a paradisical glory.
And when he chose to disobey My laws, certain forms of chaos or disorganization would occur that would stop his progress.
And thus it is when My laws are kept there is order, and when My laws are not kept, there is disorder and imperfection.
And behold I say unto you, that it is by law that all things are perfected, for it bringeth one unto the Spirit which teacheth men all good things.
10 For this Spirit enlighteneth men to bring him to righteousness.
11 For righteousness is not outward apparel, but dwelleth within one's heart and hath compassion.
12 And behold, ye have wondered and ye have asked why I, your Savior, have been merciful unto My maidservant Mildred, and why she hath received the blessings she hath even though she hath brought shame and sorrow unto thee.
13 Behold I say unto you, that she hath sinned much, and for such she will be held accountable; for she hath fought against on every occasion to belittle and degrade her head, except in these two matters:
14 That she supported him in his land purchases and transactions, and behold did she not on several occasions give unto him wives, even as I commanded her?
15 Yea, even the one he now has was given unto him by her.
16 Yea, and even though she repented somewhat of these things at a later date, she did yet make an even greater sacrifice than any Israelite, for Mine own covenant people trampled it under their feet.
17 Yet she as a Gentile accepted this principle and endeavored to keep My law, yet she understood it not fully.
18 Yet those who have the intelligence to understand it fully, and who are of the House of Israel, endeavor in every way to find means to excuse themselves from entering this form of marriage which is necessary to live to enter into My kingdom.
19 For have I not said that if ye live not this law after this principle hath been revealed unto thee, are ye not then damned?
20 For your progress toward My Celestial kingdom is stopped as with water when a dam is formed.
21 And until ye live it, your progress towards My kingdom is stopped, for ye cannot reap the rewards of My servant Abraham without doing all the works that he did, and they were many.
22 For My words vary not, and are the same now as they were in the beginning.
23 For man changeth My laws to make men believe in a lie; but when they change them, they are no longer My laws, but the laws of men.
24 And woe unto those who endeavor to change My laws, for they are the false Christs and false Shepherds.
25 For My laws vary not from the beginning, even unto the end they are the same.
26 Men changeth My laws and are cursed with a sore cursing, even a cloak of darkness, for they change them to please the world;
27 And their reward will be from the world, even that of wormwood.
28 And because My maidservant Mildred did endeavor to live My laws in her weakness, I will bless her both spiritually and temporally.
29 And it is for this reason ye have been commanded to support her; and have I not helped thee in this matter?
30 Why then do you complain, and why hath ye such little faith?

31 For she hath kept these two laws that others are not willing to keep without much chastisement.
32 Yea, are they not then hypocrites? For have I not said that I will make even the Gentiles a place in My kingdom if they will but heed My words?
33 Nevertheless, she will suffer much to attain it because of her rebelliousness against her head, even My Servant.
Even so Amen.
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