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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 155

Revelation Received May 22, 1989
At Santaquin, Utah

Thus saith the LORD unto My people, yea even Israel, who are being called forth from the wilderness of sin, and from the four quarters of the Earth, behold and heed My word.
Behold I again impart unto you wisdom, for you are desirous to know concerning My servant David's situation.
If a man seeketh a blessing at My hand without the accompanying works, behold his efforts are in vain.
And I give no blessing unto the children of men unless they keepeth the law pertaining to that blessing.
And the man who seeketh a blessing without the accompanying works, his efforts are in vain, and that which he thinketh he hath, he hath not.
For if he taketh that which another hath worked for is he then not a thief?
And will I, who am a just judge, not then take that which he hath taken, and give it unto whom it rightfully belongeth?
For if a man desireth a wife at My hand, but disregards My former commandments that would have prepared him for this blessing, behold if he taketh that woman, behold she will be unto him a cursing and not a blessing, for My Spirit will not attend the union.
But when a man prepareth himself by keeping the commandments I give unto him from time to time, and he is faithful in doing them, then when he desireth a blessing at My hand it shall not be denied, and My Spirit will be with him in his actions.
10 And if a man seeketh a blessing from My hand and keep not the commandments, and if he saith to himself, "That which hath been given to Me is of the LORD", he hath been deceived by the most cunning one, for he rewards with a burden and not a blessing.
11 Behold I say unto you, it is not within My power to bless one who has been disobedient to his God.
12 And what he believes to be a blessing at My hand is not of Me, and he has been deceived by his imagination and his self-righteousness.
13 For thus it is to be self righteous, and thus are the self righteous deceived because of their pride, which leadeth them to foolishness and a shame.

14 Behold I give unto you a parable.
15 A man purchased a vehicle on which two light panels were fastened to the back with a bonding.
16 And after a time, the bonding on the right panel failed and the panel became loose, and because he heeded not and neglected to fix it, it fell off and was lost.
17 And the man was much perplexed, for he found that even a used panel was expensive to replace.
18 And for this reason, he searched diligently that he might find it, but to no avail, for anyone finding it would know its value and realize profit from it.
19 And because the vehicle by law required the panel to be in place, he went and purchased a used one to replace the one he lost.
20 And in order to fasten it securely he purchased some bonding that seemed adequate and fastened it to the vehicle.
21 Shortly after, the left panel became loose also, and before it completely came off, he removed it and placed it in the vehicle until he could again find some bonding.
22 In order to not have the same thing happen as before, he purchased some very expensive bonding and fastened back the old panel.
23 Yet he went yet a very short distance and this panel also came loose and fell on the ground, and even though he thoroughly searched he found it not for it had been taken.
24 And he was again much perplexed, yet because it was required, he went and purchased a used left panel.
25 And he said, "I will go and seek a man knowledgeable, who knows adhesives and I will purchase the right bonding so that I will not lose them again."
26 And he went to a man who understood these things, and the man said, "This bonding will serve you well", after he was told for what use it was for.
27 And yet the man was still apprehensive, for it did not seem to be the correct bonding, for he did not want to make the same mistake the second time and lose again the panels.
28 So he went back to this man who sold him the bonding and he was again assured that it would work well and securely hold the panels in place and not fail through any circumstance.
29 So the man finally believed him and he fastened the left one with the bonding and it fastened extremely well, and he noticed also that the right one was again coming loose, and he removed this one and fastened it with the new bonding, and behold it also was fastened securely.
30 And because the new bonding was flexible and would not harden over the years it stayed; and the panels were fastened securely and the man had no further worries concerning the matter.

31 Behold I say unto you, unless a man is married by the New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage, and also sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise, it hath no continuance in the hereafter or in the world to come.
32 He who hath an ear let him hear, and he who hath an eye let him see. Behold I say unto you, there is no other way.
33 For My laws must be adhered to, that the accompanying blessing be realized.
34 And behold, because the man in the first place did little to secure the bonding he lost both panels, for I did take them from him, yet he did this in ignorance, not having the truth.
Even so, Amen.
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