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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 157

Revelation completed October 15, 1989
At Santaquin, Utah

And again ye have marveled at the understanding I gave unto you in the vehicle of My servant Richard, wherein a most precious truth was placed within your understanding in a very short time.
For behold, it is surely a truth that whatever a man attaineth to upon this earth so shall be his rewards in the heavens.
For if a man become proficient in obtaining material wealth in a righteous manner, and master all physical desires, these attributes will arise with him in the resurrection.
For those who debase, suppress, and belittle the flesh shall fall short of having the fullness.
For if a man is inclined to practice only the spiritual and debase the physical, then he is in error, for one is not without the other in the eternities.
Likewise if a man is to enlarge only upon the physical and neglects the spiritual, again he is in error and shall not receive of the fullness.
And thus a man must develop both in a physical as well as in a spiritual manner, and this until he is to attain unto My glory, even unto a fullness.
And in attaining this, his eye must be single to My glory, and to the establishment of My Zion upon the earth.
And have I not given unto you many instructions unto the attaining of this goal?
10 Yea, have I not said that ye must serve Me with all thy might, mind and strength? and in doing this ye gain control over all things.
11 Yea, and have I not said that there would be opposition in all things, that in your overcoming ye would gain the mastery, not only over these things but also over the wiles of the adversary? For without this opposition there would be no progression.
12 For some throughout their life evade every issue, and leave their trials for others to solve. Behold, shall they not reap what they sow?
13 For a man to reap the fullness must correctly use all his capabilities.
14 Yet I say unto you, love evokes the correct use in all matters; for without love all actions are of a hollow nature, not being done with sincerity, but with hypocrisy.
15 For if one saith unto another, "I love you", and he hath not love in his heart, it is of little value, and it maketh him a liar, not having the truth. And if another says, "I love you", and this to attain favors, behold he is of the adversary, and there is no love in him, but instead greed and avarice.
16 For he knoweth not its meaning, but knoweth its results, to gain confidence in taking advantage of another. Behold, such shall not be in My kingdom.
17 And if a man continue not to gain knowledge of truth, each according to his capacity throughout his life, is he not then counted a sluggard? For all such shall not reap the rewards of the diligent.
18 For all truth is a benefit unto man in gaining control over his environment in a righteous manner, for his comfort and pleasure.
19 For all comforts and pleasures are good if obtained in a correct manner and according to My Laws.
20 And to those who continually seek after the spiritual and debase the physical, behold I say unto you they shall inherit a glory cognizant with these desires, but shall not attain unto a fullness.
21 And to those who seek continually after material possessions and neglect the spiritual, behold I say unto you, they shall go to a place assigned to them, but they also shall not attain unto a fullness.
22 And again I say unto you, that those who have not done all they can to master their hates and angers, and have not endeavored with all their hearts to develop love towards their fellow man, behold I say unto you, they also shall not receive of a fullness, but shall go into their own place.
23 For have I not said that those who seek shall find, and for those who seek diligently they shall surely find Life Eternal?
24 Behold I say unto you, a man gains glory only in accordance with his efforts.
25 And all that I have given unto you at this time applieth not only unto a man but unto a woman also. Nevertheless, a woman's glory is with her husband.
Even so, Amen.
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