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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 158

Revelation received October 25, 1989
At Santaquin, Utah

Behold My son, ye have wondered concerning the controversy among the children of men concerning the birth of a child, whether the spirit enters the body at conception, or at any period of time until it is born.
And behold, My servant Heber was correct in what he told unto thee-- but the children of men, behold, they understand not the scriptures concerning this matter.
For I your Savior entered not into the body prepared for the reception of My spirit until it came forth from the womb.
For did I not appear in the spirit to My servant Nephi on the day before My birth on this earth?
For the spirit entereth the body with the first breath, for such it is written, for it is the breath of life, and such is called birth.
For with the breath the spirit enters, and with the cessation of breath the spirit is freed and departs, and such is called death.
And the spirit and body joined together are a living soul.

And the life which appears to be in the confines of the womb is part of the mother, and all that she partakes of whether it be good or bad becomes part of the forming body.
For its thoughts, emotions, intelligence and physical structure are all influenced in the main by the mother and to a smaller degree by the father.
10 For he contributes through his presence or absence, and when there is harmony between both mother and father, the emotional stability of the child is increased.
11 For the mind and physical body and their proper use are of this earth, and are gone when death doth occur.
12 Nevertheless, in the resurrection, both are restored to the glory they are entitled to.
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