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2nd Book of Commandments 159

Revelation received January 9, 1990
At Santaquin, Utah

My son, ye have asked Me your Savior what ye shall do with your interests in the property in Santaquin, even the property where My maidservant Deborah2 now resides.
And I say unto you, it will be correct to turn them over to My servant David, for as he is the Bishop for those who reside in the Salem area, the handling of this matter is in his hands.
And ye shall do this that ye may be free of this matter, and be able to pursue other matters I shall shortly reveal unto thee.
Behold I say unto you, there are not yet any prepared for those things which are about to come about, beginning in this area, and spreading throughout all nations, kindreds, tongues, and people, for they pursue their own paths, and heed little to what has been revealed to them through the prophets.
For fear has overtaken them, and love hath fled, and they seek continually to question the word received through My servants, that perhaps an excuse be provided to them to heed not these commandments.
Behold, they are in danger of losing the residue of My Spirit, and being left to their own devices to kick against the pricks of the adversary.
And unto those who have stepped forward, I say unto you, do not be negligent in your duties, for if ye labor continually, both day and night, there will be yet not sufficient time to fulfill all that is necessary for the preparation of My second coming.
For I will yet choose others if they choose to take a different path and fail.
For I have many things yet to reveal pertaining to the gathering of Mine Israel.

10 Yea, for those ye now call Lamanites, or the descendants of Laman and Lemuel in the land called North America, even in the nations ye call United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America, and for which ye have set aside reservations for, behold they are in the most part a mixture of their seed.
11 For some of their descendants did indeed migrate to this land from the lands south which ye call South America, and mixed their blood with the heathen which had come previously from other lands.
12 And thus the gospel was first preached to these Gentiles along with the Gentiles that came at a later time.
13 And thus the prophecy was fulfilled that the last would be first, and the first would be last.
14 And after the sealing of the heavens against them for their rejection of the fullness of My gospel, and their unbelief, behold the fullness of the gospel would be taken from amongst them and I would seek the true blood of Israel wherever they existed.
15 Behold I say unto you, the people ye now call Indians are the pure blood of Israel only if they have the signs of Israel, neither are the members of My church of the pure blood of Israel unless they also have the signs of Israel, for they also are a mixture.
16 Therefore, ye shall no longer raise thy voice unto them, for their time has been fulfilled, whether they are of the church or of the Indian nation, it is the same, for they are both a mixture; and ye shall raise thy voice only to those who have the true sign, whether in the church or out of the church, it is the same.
17 And the true signs have been given to you in part, and when ye are prepared the other signs shall be given unto thee.
18 For the true Lamanite resideth only in the South, even in the land ye call South America, yea and even there are some in the land ye call Central America.
19 Nevertheless, they are in the most part in South America, yea and they are the true descendants of My servants Laman and Lemuel, and yet a few of My faithful servant Joseph, in the which I promised that his seed would not utterly be destroyed.
20 And I will yet reveal more unto you concerning this matter that ye have all the keys and knowledge necessary that Israel shall surely be gathered.
Even so, Amen.
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