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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 160

Revelation received January 19, 1990
At Santaquin, Utah

Ye have asked Me your Savior how ye will receive the riches to build up My Zion, and behold I say unto you ye have already received many revelations concerning this matter;
For have I not said that ye must be willing to serve Me with all your might, mind and strength?
Yea, do ye not work among the Gentiles and heathen, and ye perform heavy and grievous tasks for them and complain not, and are thankful for the material wealth that it brings to you?
Yet when ye labor for Me, do ye do it in the same manner, and with the same diligence?
Behold I your Savior say unto you, ye do not. For ye say in your heart, "Because I pursue the LORD's work, My reward will be great."
Behold I say unto you, your reward will be only in accordance with your work.
And so it is, when ye have in your mind to labor with all your might on My behalf, then and only then will I begin to open up the heavens and give unto you the material wealth to begin to establish My Zion.
And some say, "We await that day, then we will work with all our might".
But I say unto you, if ye will not work with all your might now, even among the heathen and Gentile, ye will not even do so if ye labor for Me.
10 For I have placed each one of you, and ye knew not, in situations that would develop your intellect and knowledge, so that when I called, ye would be prepared.
11 But some complain that they have to accomplish such difficult things, and others seek to avoid these things, not realizing that in overcoming them, it would prepare them for the greater things to come.
12 And thus when they are called they are prepared not, and fall by the wayside and are lost.
13 And yet another thing I your Savior have to say unto thee, there are some among you who praise My servant, yet in their heart they do despise his presence.
14 Yea I say unto you, children heed not the lips but the heart, and thus develop the same deception as their parents.
15 Therefore, if ye love not My servants, ye love not Me. And those that deceive in this manner, receive not a portion of My kingdom.
Even so, Amen.
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