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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 161

Revelation received March 20, 1990
At Santaquin, Utah

My son, ye have wondered concerning the impression ye had that My servant David and his family were in danger, and behold I your Savior do say unto you that, although I have given unto you instructions in dealing with Babylon, ye heed them not.
And for this cause ye place your families at risk and even in danger of destruction, for the adversary seeketh to destroy all that ye have so diligently strived and worked for.
For have not I said unto you that ye are not to strike hands with the wicked? For even though they appear as friends, their intentions are to destroy and not to build;
For they seek to discover your secret parts, and thus destroy you, howbeit they will feign righteousness.
And have not I said also unto you that unless ye are willing to give up all, yea even fathers, mothers, children, brothers, sisters, lands and possessions for My name's sake, ye will not be worthy of My kingdom?
And it is for this reason I gave unto you these commandments, knowing that if ye did not these things nor heeded them, ye would be led into diverse paths and be lost.
And behold, if I am to raise up unto Me a righteous generation, they cannot be continually influenced by those that are Mine enemies.
For I say unto you from this time forth, whoso is not for Me is against Me.
And behold, have ye not disregarded and cast these commandments aside, thinking them of no significance?
10 And ye have invited these people even into your homes, placing My little ones in grave danger.
11 Behold, fear not that which will destroy the body, but rather that which will destroy the soul, yea even jeopardizing thy salvation and the salvation of those that are in your care--
12 For they are thine, and none can take them from thee, not even by death; that unless ye continue to transgress these laws, then shall ye not lose all?
13 Even as those who call themselves members of My church, have they not lost all that they think they have because of their unfaithfulness?
Even so, Amen.
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