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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 164

Revelation received July 5, 1990
At Santaquin, Utah

My son: Behold, I your Savior give unto you wisdom and My Law that ye may understand and make correct decisions concerning matters pertaining to Zion;
For behold, there are those who would continually distort and corrupt the laws I give unto you, because of their self-will and carnal desires.
For I say unto you as pertaining to laws: Behold, if a man chooseth to be governed by the laws of Babylon, then if he seeketh a reward, he must seek it from that source, for his rewards will be in accordance with those laws.
And if a man maketh his own laws, then his rewards will be according to his own efforts.
And again, if a man chooseth to live by My laws, he can then seek his rewards from that source, and behold if he keepeth them with a sincere heart, his rewards will be the rewards of the just, yea even Eternal Lives.
For the rewards one receives are in accordance with the laws he chooses to keep; and such has this been from the beginning.
For if ye keep not My laws, then can ye ask a reward from Me, saith the LORD? I say unto you, nay!
For if ye keep the laws of the world, then will ye not reap from these laws?
For hath not My church done this? And have they not reaped the friendship of the world?
10 But now, can they come and ask a blessing from My hand? Behold, I say unto you, they cannot.
11 And in their day of calamity, will I hear their voice, and their weeping? Behold, I say unto you again, nay!
12 For they have chosen the ways of the world, and must seek to its laws for redress.
13 And behold, if there be no laws, then who will hear their cry?
14 For have I not said that those who choose the ways of the world are an enemy unto God; and behold, has not My church become Mine enemy?
15 Behold I say unto you, Mine anger is kindled against the leaders of My church, and behold I decree upon them My judgments which will shortly come to pass; and behold, My church shall be cleansed, that the vessel may again be pure unto Me, and a fit receptacle for the spreading among the earth the true teachings of My gospel.
16 And woe unto those that have twisted and overturned My word, for they surely shall be exposed.
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