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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 166

Revelation received January 7, 1991
At Santaquin, Utah

My son, ye have asked Me concerning the significance of employment on this earth, and as it relates to your salvation.
Behold, I your Savior do give you instructions concerning this matter, that ye may put your hearts at ease.
For when ye are required to work in Babylon, ye are judged according to your performance in doing the work ye are required to perform;
And if ye do it with diligence, correctness, and honesty, it will be counted unto thee as righteousness in My sight.
And as concerning women in the home, or otherwise employed outside the home, they will be judged by Me in the same manner.
For when My servants are required to work to sustain themselves, and when My maidservants are required to be responsible in the home, and even work to help sustain the family, the efficient manner by which these matters are handled are accounted unto them as righteousness.
For it is your spare time that ye are accountable to Me for.
For it is in this time that ye are required to serve Me with all your heart, might, and mind, and accomplish the commandments that I have given unto thee.
And those who are slothful in their work and in their home will be held accountable, not only before those in Babylon, but also before Me, saith the LORD.
10 For those who are slothful in these matters will they not also be slothful in keeping My commandments?
11 Nevertheless, those who allow the cares of this world to engulf all their spare time, they also will be accountable.
12 For there must be wisdom used in all matters, to set aside sufficient time to accomplish My work.
13 And if all do their part, then will not My house be fruitful and accomplish much?
14 Ye are few, yet ye have accomplished much.
15 Yet there are those who cause My servants continual trouble; behold I say unto you they must need repent of their high minded attitude, lest instead of the exaltation they expect, they shall reap wormwood.

16 And what of My servants in Germany? I am well pleased with their efforts to keep My commandments that I have given unto them.
17 Nevertheless, they must beware of murmurings among them, for the adversary doth play upon the weaknesses of men that he destroy that which hath been built up.
18 For it is My will that My Spirit may dwell more abundantly among them, for what I hath requested of them is but a light thing compared to that which Babylon doth place upon them.
19 And from Babylon they gain little, yet My reward, if they are faithful, bringeth Life Eternal.
20 For it is My will that they concentrate their minds upon this matter, for they are not called to any other work at this time.
Even so, Amen.
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