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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 167

Revelation received April 2, 1991
At Santaquin, Utah

Ye have prepared yourself this night to receive My word, and even your Savior doth say unto you that the time will shortly come to pass that I will begin to open the windows of Heaven for My servants if they truly repent and continue on in the path that they are presently traveling.
For I have beheld their works and they begin to comply with the commandments I have given unto them;
And I am well pleased with My maidservants Cathleen and Deborah for the sacrifices they have made, and even unto My servant David, for he also has begun to heed My word, and has repented somewhat from his sins, and this also is acceptable unto Me.
Nevertheless, he must continue on in the path I have given unto him, for not until he hath put all opposition under his feet can he claim the rewards I have prepared for the righteous.

Behold, I again give unto you instruction concerning the laws of marriage, and this because of the actions of some of My servants.
For some have chosen a woman at will to be unto them as a wife. Behold I say unto you that this is error.
For a woman in Israel must choose the man by the Spirit of revelation, and this I have before instructed thee.
For I will give unto her a sign and witness, and there is no other way that a man in Israel shall take unto himself a wife.
For are ye not Israel, and are ye not the beginning of the gathering of My scattered nation?
10 And am not I your Savior, restoring the laws of Israel that ye may again live them accordingly, that ye may again be acceptable unto Me?
11 For if ye live not these laws, will I not surely leave thee unto your own devices to be cast aside as dross?
12 For it is expedient that ye be instructed in these matters that ye be not led astray into forbidden paths.
13 Yea and some have marveled as to what has happened in the Middle East as ye now call it.
14 Behold I say unto you that My servant George Bush is of the lineage of My servant Ephraim and of My servant Judah, and has the right to the leadership of this nation.
15 And from this time forth I will not bless the Gentile, nor the heathen, in their efforts in dominating those who are the children of My faithful servant Jacob, for they shall not prosper against them.
16 And for this reason I gave unto My servant George Bush wisdom, and this also unto his commanders, that they were able to inflict great destruction upon the enemy and incur little unto themselves.
17 Therefore, I have blessed them on this occasion; yet they shall not boast in their own strength, but give glory unto their God.
18 Nevertheless, he obeyed not, nor heeded all the commandments that I gave unto him.
19 For did I not instruct My servants to write a communication unto them?
20 And did they not instruct him in this communication to make every effort to take the life of Saddam Hussein?
21 For is he not worthy of death? Yea and even his commanders who willingly do his works, and carry out his instructions, behold I say unto you, are they not also worthy of death?
22 And because he heeded not My word through My servants, have not these men continued to do their most evil work, and have not untold thousands of the innocent suffered and died by the instrumentality of their hands in the land ye call Iraq?
23 But in ancient times it was called by the name of Babylon.
24 For this place from the time of Nimrod hath continued to bring forth the most evil of men, and the most evil temporal wickedness; and thus I have nearly caused it to be totally destroyed.
25 Nevertheless, this is but a foreshadowing of what is yet to come; for from this time forth, war shall multiply unto war;
26 Yet there shall be calm for a small season.
27 Then shall desolation fall upon desolation until the utter destruction of the wicked shall be accomplished.
28 Then shall I expose all lies, yea and I shall expose all evil deeds, yea and I shall expose all hypocrisies.
29 Yea, and when a man doeth evil it shall even be shouted upon the housetops.
30 Yea, and none shall be able to hide their evil before another, and the wicked shall be astonished and be ashamed.
31 And those who are Mine and who have been faithful in that day shall be lifted up unto Life Eternal.
32 And thus I have said I will bless My children Israel and bring them forth from obscurity, and if they deal honestly, and are worthy, they shall have power from on high to build up My Zion and My Kingdom.
Even so, Amen.
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