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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 169

Revelation received July 12, 1991
At Santaquin, Utah

My son, ye have failed to take thy pen in hand and receive My word, which I have to give unto My children from time to time.
And for this ye are under condemnation, nevertheless ye have suffered much nuisance with thy health, which has decreased thy ability to receive My word;
Yet if ye had sufficient faith, ye would overcome this and be able to receive it in spite of this difficulty.
For thou art lacking somewhat in this respect, and must endeavor more earnestly to overcome this weakness, that thou be of more benefit unto those that step forward for the correct instruction to be given unto them.
And I have placed in thy mind this day that ye must approach My servant David and convey unto him that it is My will that he shall change his name from his present surname to that of his birth surname.
For he has come to that point where he is no longer a shame unto his name, but he begins to be an honor unto My faithful servant Almon.
For like unto My servant, at first he was disobedient, but in the end he was unto Me a faithful servant in spite of his weaknesses; for did he not repent and overcome many of them?
And his descendant ye are, and not of your present surname.
Therefore, ye shall take unto yourself his name and honor it, and live in accordance with My commandments, and not heed to the aspirations of the world.
10 Yea, and ye have not yet shed some of the teachings that are false.
11 Yet some are true, therefore, ye shall know by the Spirit of Truth that which is of Me, and that which is incorrect.
12 Then shall ye turn from these errors that hamper thee from receiving the full reception of My Spirit.

13 And others are hampered by similar traditions and error, that also prevents them from receiving the full reception of My Spirit.
14 For by not shedding completely their traditions and errors, they invite the spirits of deception and darkness to overtake them, and lead them into forbidden paths.
15 For they have used these traditions and errors as points of false strength.
16 For a man in his anger hath much strength, yet his strength leadeth not unto salvation, but destruction.
17 Yet if they shed this anger, I, their Savior, shall give unto them strength from on high.
18 Yet I say unto you, this is a hard saying, for to rid oneself of these traditions and errors taketh much repentance.
19 And I your Savior, even the intermediary with the Father, even Jesus Christ, do say unto you that I am pleased with some of the actions of My maidservant Felicity, for she hath become unto My servant David a true daughter.
20 Nevertheless, let her beware of the things of this world that appear as a glittering diamond, but are not but a reflection in a muddy pool.
21 Beware, oh beware of the wiles of the adversary that seeketh thy soul.
22 And My servant David seeketh to build a stewardship in the calling he has been called to.
23 In this undertaking he shall be cautious and learn every whit; then My Spirit will guide him to make a decision that will be in accordance with My will.
24 For I have given unto him a gift, even the gift of discernment, and wisdom in certain matters.
25 And it is not incorrect for him to use this gift I have given unto him in his pursuit of his livelihood on this earth.
26 Nevertheless, he shall not forget to use this gift to the benefit of those whom I have called out of the world.
27 For it is good to cast out evil and expose error and incorrectness, that he will straighten the crooked path and bring light to those who cannot see.

28 And unto the faithful in Germany, I am well pleased with their efforts.
29 Yet beware of contentions, for the adversary doth rage to know that his kingdom is being exposed.
30 And for this reason, he doth desire to destroy thy harmony.
31 And in this ye shall be not surprised, for when My Israel begins to repent, behold his kingdom is weakened.
32 And he taketh hold of every man's weakness and flails him with them as with a whip; therefore, be as men of God and resist his temptations.
33 As I have said before, "Gird up thy loins and place upon yourselves the whole armor of God."
34 For those that whine and find fault are not men, but are but whimpering babes.
35 For true men of My servant Israel seek not their own will, but the will of God.
36 Know ye not that ye are Mine Israel, and if ye repent of your gross unbelief, I, your Savior, will heal your wounds and ye will again be unto Me as My children?
37 Then shall ye come forth to be taught of My true prophets, and not any more by the false prophets who now reside at the head of drunken Ephraim.

38 Judah come forth! Be no longer ashamed of thy height, for ye that tower above thy brethren have not I your God preserved ye as a nation in this manner?
39 Take up the sword of My word, and make it sharp.
40 Divide asunder the correctness from the error, and slice up the error in slices, and show it unto all, its rottenness and putrefaction.
41 Be not afraid, for I, your Savior, was not sent unto the heathen, but unto the lost tribes of My servant Israel.
Even so, Amen.
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