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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 170

Revelation received August 1, 1991
At Santaquin, Utah

My son. The sorrow that ye experienced this night, and what ye have felt in the past when great sorrow has engulfed thee, is the same spirit of sorrow that came upon Me, your Savior, when those whom I loved denied Me-- even My servant Peter, and others of the apostles at the time of My trial before the Sanhedrin.
And behold I say unto you, these did receive forgiveness with much repentance.
Yet he who betrayed Me for gain's sake, after receiving the fullness of the Spirit, even My former servant Judas, received not forgiveness.
For his was a denial of the truth after he had received it of the Holy Ghost.
And behold I say unto you, have there not been those who have betrayed thee in like manner, even My former servant William, and My former servant John, and My former handmaiden Deborah2, and My former handmaiden Mildred? For have these not all betrayed thee?
And are ye not My servant, and have they not then rebelled against and betrayed Me their Savior?
For did they not once partake of My Spirit and were overshadowed by it?
And did I not speak clearly unto them, that they did receive unto themselves an undeniable knowledge of these things?
And did they not receive an undeniable witness that ye were indeed My servant, and that the writings ye received were indeed from Me?
10 And was it not for gain's sake that they did openly rebel against thee, and against Me, their Savior, and deny My Spirit and the witness they had been given?
11 And has it not been written in former commandments that those who deny My Spirit after they have fully received it cannot receive forgiveness now, nor in the worlds to come, worlds without end?
12 For they cannot claim forgiveness through repentance, for they have openly rebelled against the Spirit of Truth, yea even the witness of the Holy Ghost, and have denied Me their Savior, and in their rebellion have openly supported My crucifixion, and thus made the sacrifice I made on their behalf null and void.
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