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2nd Book of Commandments 171

Revelation received 4:15 A.M.
September 24, 1991
At Santaquin, Utah

My son, I your Savior do command that ye write clear that which I say unto you at this time, that ye may be instructed more clearly in what ye must do, and be edified so that ye can begin to establish My Zion upon the earth.
Yea, for I speak unto you all that ye may repent, yea even the few that have been called;
For now I call a few that ye be totally cleansed, that ye be an example to those that follow.
For those that follow are My true Israel, and they will heed not a faltering voice, but only a voice proven and true.
And even though I speak unto you all, I also speak unto you individually, that ye may individually repent and turn from your errors.
And I begin by speaking unto My servant Richard, for he heeds not the words that I have given.
For I say unto you, have not I instructed ye that ye must first work diligently in Babylon, or the world as it now is-- controlled by the Babylonian system of economics and slavery-- before ye can work successfully in My kingdom?
And these words were not only directed at him, but at others also, who labor diligently to find excuses not to physically labor to gain material self-sufficiency, or in other words, having sufficient for their needs.
And the excuse that he uses is that he hath an hurt that he is unable to conquer.
10 Behold, I his Savior say unto him that his hurt is no greater than the hurt of many others, even My servant, and others who also were greatly rejected, yet conquered their hurt even by diligent labor and by extreme suffering that they did purge these hurts from them, replacing them with compassion and concern for others.
11 For have I not said in former commandments that until ye learn to totally commit yourselves to the service of others wisely, ye are not yet Mine?
12 And again I say unto My servant David. He learneth some things well, yet in other things he clingeth unto error, which prevents him from receiving the fullness of My Spirit, wherein I would give unto him My voice, wherein he would be guided continually by it.
13 And unto My servant Edward, behold I say unto him that his pride doth hinder him, for he doth resent that I have not granted unto him his desires.
14 Behold, I say unto you, he doth some things correctly, yet in others he is in gross error; therefore I cannot prepare him, and if he repent not, I then shall take him and he shall lose the gift, even that he hath, and shall become as others, and be lost.
15 And unto My servant Robert2, I say unto him that his self-will doth take him away from the work wherein I have called him, even to be a counselor to My servant Walther in the Bishopric of the United Order.
16 For he heeded not some of the counsel I gave unto him to fix up the house as an endowment house unto Me, for in that place My Spirit did dwell;
17 And when it was allowed to be polluted, I did allow it to be destroyed, to protect My name.
18 Yet he did purchase the farm as I commanded, and in this after much persuasion.
19 And he hath sided in some cases with Mine enemies, and in this he doth err;
20 For those who despise My servants shall likewise be despised in the day of visitation.

21 And now I come to those who reside in the country called Germany, and the countries round about.
22 Behold, they wonder at their leanness of number. Behold, they understand not that they are few because they also must be purged of all their sins, that they may be no longer a light to the Gentiles, whose time has been fulfilled, but a light to My true Israel.
23 For their light must shine in a clear and precise manner to overcome the darkness of error and deception that now encompasses My true people-- yea, even the descendants of My servant Jacob, whom I called Israel, who fought a good battle and overcame all.
24 For the darkness that covereth their eyes can only be pierced by the perfect truth of My gospel, and the living of it by the few I have called by My voice.
25 And I say unto you that which My servant Walther hath thought to do is correct, to divide the School in Germany in two as he has suggested.
26 And unto My servant Jan, I say unto him that he no longer procrastinate;
27 For have I not given unto him sufficient witness as he hath asked of Me, that he knoweth of a surety that the words of the Second Book of Commandments are indeed of God, and the servants I have called are indeed My servants?
28 Therefore, he must procrastinate no longer, and be baptized in My name, and place his full weight to the establishment of My Zion, and support without fear My servant Walther, and the others I have called in this area of My vineyard.
29 For all those whom I have called, I do love and call My friends if they will have it.
30 And I do bring to light their errors that they repent of them.
31 For is not that the responsibility of a friend: to bring to light error, so that it be overcome?

32 And yet I have one more word to say unto My servant Richard2. Behold, he hath sought to hide himself from My face, yet this he cannot do, for I will yet make him accountable.
33 For I called him to assist in My work, and he did fear that he would be exposed, and lose his status among his friends.
34 Behold I say unto you, that if he repent not, I will yet expose him, and that which he hath hidden will it not be shouted upon the housetops?
35 For those who are called and heed not their calling shall stand before Me at the last day and be ashamed.
36 For those who are not for Me are against Me; for at this time there is no middle ground, and those who endeavor to hide from My face shall yet face Me and be ashamed.

37 And unto the others who claim they are with Me in this work, behold some continually say, "I do this and this," yet they do it not unto Me, but unto themselves;
38 And thus their works are frustrated, and do not prosper;
39 Yet I am somewhat pleased with the efforts of some, who continually strive to overcome, even in spite of their weaknesses.
40 For in this I will lift them up, and if they continue they will surely overcome and stand in their rightful place in My kingdom.
Even so, Amen.
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