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2nd Book of Commandments 172

Revelation received November 24, 1991
At Santaquin, Utah

Ye have been given many important understandings on this day, and ye know of a surety that they are correct and of Me, your Savior.
For ye have desired in your heart to receive My will on any occasion, and this is pleasing unto Me.
Therefore I say unto you, that there are many points of doctrine which must be made more clear unto this people; for they are slow to understand and comprehend what I have already revealed unto them.
For although a woman is redeemed when she bareth Israelitish children, and if she truly desireth it, she may have her blood purged from all Gentile blood, and become truly of the blood of My servant Jacob;
However, in the case of a man, if he sire Israelitish children from an Israelitish woman, he remaineth yet a Gentile;
And as concerning the Ozondah, he cannot at any time take precedence over an Israelite.
Nevertheless, he may have all other blessings of an Israelite, that the promises on their behalf may be fulfilled.

And ye have wondered also concerning those who die.
Behold I say unto you, that I have revealed much concerning this matter, yet few want to consider My words in a serious manner, and read into them meanings that are in gross error, preferring fantasy rather than correctness.
10 For when a person, whether man or woman it mattereth not, dies, they undergo a partial judgment to place them with those who will accept them most willingly;
11 And if there be none to accept them, then to assign them to that place for which they are worthy.
12 For they will go to those who are most like themselves, for death does not change them;
13 For some believe that in death all their errors and sins will be forgiven, yet this will not be the case.
14 For the hypocrites will be with the hypocrites, and the deceivers with the deceivers-- and those that make and live a lie will be their companions.
15 For whatever one is like on this earth, unforgiving and full of hate and envy, so shall they be in the hereafter.
16 For have I not said that the filthy will remain filthy still? For that is what they desired on this earth, and that is what they shall remain in the hereafter.
17 And those that are indolent and lazy, and who have done everything to belie their progress on this earth, shall receive a reward befitting their efforts.
18 And those who have chosen willingly false doctrine, and have desired fables rather than My true Gospel, will be placed with those of like-mindedness;
19 For those of Paul, or those of Apollos, or of another belief, shall be with those of a like mind in the hereafter.
20 And for this reason shall they be preached to from time to time, that perhaps they see their errors, and be converted and repent.
21 For there is repentance in the hereafter, nevertheless they must rely upon those who remain in the flesh to perform these ordinances on their behalf.
22 And for this reason the Temples were built; howbeit there are now none of My temples that are not polluted, and there are none of My priesthood of My church who now have authority to perform these ordinances on behalf of those who have departed.
23 For they have polluted My house and My temples, and they have become polluted cesspools, full of putrefaction.
24 For My holy ordinances have become an abomination before My face, and none of the work performed therein is now of any effect on behalf of those who have repented in the spirit world.
25 And they do cry unto Me, their Savior, both day and night for their deliverance.
26 And Mine anger is kindled against this generation for their faithlessness against Me, saith the Lord of Hosts-- whose judgment soon cometh upon the earth in fury and might.

27 And to those who are My faithful servants, who are but a few, I liken them unto a leaven that shall soon break forth from the prison walls that surround them and spread the truth throughout the whole earth-- and none shall be able to stand against their word;
28 And a thousand, yea even ten thousand, may stand against one, and the one shall prevail: for My word shall support them.
Even so, Amen.
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