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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 173

Revelation received March 31, 1992
At Santaquin, Utah

Behold I your LORD do say unto you at this time: that which ye have read and considered, that was sent to you by the hand of My servant Walther, that possibly should be considered as being of worth among My servants-- behold it is not of Me.
For is it not written in that which they consider their scripture that My servant Noah mingled his seed with the seed of Cain, by even marrying one of that lineage?
And is this not in contradiction to all that has been written concerning the matter?
For if Noah had done this, he would have immediately lost his own Priesthood, and he could have retained his salvation and Priesthood only by having his and the blood of his offspring spilled upon the ground as an atoning sacrifice.
But this my servant Noah did not do, for is it not written that he was "perfect in all his generations"?
For he and his progenitors had mixed not their blood with the seed of Cain,
Or even of those who were like unto the seed of Japheth before the flood-- who were blessed in many ways, but were not valiant in the ways of the LORD.
And thus they had kept their lineage pure and undefiled, and this is what this quotation means.
Now his son Ham did marry into that seed, and took unto himself Egyptus, which in the Chaldean language signifies that which is forbidden.
10 Now behold, it would not have been a forbidden act on the part of Ham if he already was part of the mixture of the seeds.
11 For the writings of this man John Bryant were not given unto him by Me, or by any of the hosts of Heaven.
12 And as to the organization calling itself by the name of the "Independent Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints", that perpetuates and supports these things, they are not of Me, neither are they My servants;
13 Yet there are some among them that desire the truth, but are led astray by the seeming miracles that they perform-- yet even claiming the gift of prophecy.
14 Behold the Adversary hath this gift, for does he not know that his time is short? and for this reason he doth rage.
15 And he taketh the weaknesses of men, and leads them in many different directions, and raises up men, and women also, that say "lo here" and "lo there", that they may lead men astray unto forbidden paths.
16 For their teachings are not unto salvation, for they admonish purity and chastity continually, yet know not what their meaning is, and instruct not how these gifts may be obtained.
17 For the ministers of this world cry these things continually, and this to hide a corrupt and perverse mind, for they feign righteousness.
18 And the book they accept, claiming that it was written by the hand of My servant Mohonri Moriancumer on the sealed portion of the plates of gold, given unto My servant Joseph Smith to translate, is but the foolishness of a depraved mind;
19 For that which is sealed up, is sealed up until I have raised up a righteous generation unto Myself; and this generation has not yet been brought forth;
20 Yet there are some now on the earth who are the foundation of this generation;
21 And they will be called, one here and one there, and they will be tried in the wilderness of adversity, for they must be tried in all things.
22 And those who seek here, and those who seek there, after they have the truth, they will lose the truth that they have;
23 And their minds will become darkened, yet they shall know it not;
24 And My Spirit will leave them, and another that is not of Me shall immediately take its place, and they will be led by that spirit, thinking that it is the same;
25 And they will not take notice, and they shall be led carefully down to dwell with those of a like nature, ever seeking but never coming to a knowledge of the truth.
Even so, Amen.
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