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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 175

Revelation received June 19, 1992
At Santaquin, Utah

My son. It is pertinent that ye write that which I reveal unto you at this time; for it pertains unto those subjects that will bring salvation unto My people Israel.
For the School of the Prophets that hath been set up is the Educational arm of My Zion, and it needs be that all truth be gathered by it for the benefit of My people.
Behold, when My church, which is the Missionary arm of My Zion, is cleansed, will there not then be a school in each Stake and each Ward to teach unto the people the truths of My gospel therein?
For will they not be responsible to teach the fathers their duties in raising their families in a righteous manner before Me?
And the schools that shall be held on the first day of the week shall be for the spiritual matters of My kingdom.
And the schools that will be held during the weekdays will be for the education of all, that they may become an extremely intelligent people.
Behold, will these schools not all be under the jurisdiction of the School of the Prophets?
For whether it be for heavenly matters, or for material matters, behold it is their responsibility to see that all be educated in a proper manner--
And that they understand clearly the workings of the heavens, and understand clearly the workings of the material world;
10 That on the one hand they can prepare themselves for the world to come, and on the other that they be capable of becoming useful in My kingdom, and be able to provide adequately for their own, that they have the comforts of this earth--
11 And yet learn that these comforts are but of a material nature, and must be shared and made available to all the faithful, that all the worthy may benefit therefrom.
12 For it is correct what My servant Heber C. Kimball said that the School must exist and never end; for there is no end to the education of My Israel.
13 For each generation must be educated anew, learning diligently that which has gone on before; otherwise there is apostasy.
14 For the old man cannot say, "I will take all that I have learned to the heavens."
15 For I say unto you, if he share not willingly the truths that he hath-- whether they be spiritual or material, it mattereth not-- with the rising generation, behold he shall not retain that which he hath in the hereafter.
16 For that which a man shares he retains, and that which he covets he loses.
17 Nevertheless, he must do all things by the Spirit; for some things of My kingdom I reveal not unto all, for they are not worthy.
18 And thus My school shall be organized throughout all the whole nation;
19 For My Israel shall yet be re-established, each man to his own tent.
Even so, Amen.
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