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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 176

Revelation received June, 1992
At Santaquin, Utah

My son. Ye have wondered concerning My law and My statutes, and even the constitution of My kingdom.
Behold, all that shall be done in My kingdom shall be according to My just laws;
And I gave unto Moses laws, even laws that pertain to man's dealings one with another in his days, and these laws shall be in force even during the millennium, bringing all people under this one law;
And those who accept My law and keep it in purity, and not in hypocrisy, shall receive My spirit which shall guide them in all things.
And ye shall take the Bible as it is written and separate all statutes pertaining to My law and make them plain and understandable;
And I shall guide you in this matter, and ye shall add those things that have been deleted from My law,
And ye shall delete those things that have been added to My law because of those who desired to change it to place great burdens upon the people, and cause great wickedness among them.
And ye shall prepare a book called: "The Laws and Statutes of God unto His people Israel".
And ye shall prepare and compile together these laws into concise and understandable order that they be taught in clearness to My people, even from their mother's knee;
10 That all of My house, even Israel, may be aware of My law even from the beginning, that none be ignorant, and all be aware of their duty in Zion, and be aware of the rewards due them when they keep My commandments.
11 And all the laws that are incorrect will be corrected; and all the laws that are correct shall be retained; and all the laws that have been interpolated shall be corrected through My word, that they be complete in every respect;
12 And the laws and statutes shall be taught and understood by all in My work, and shall be accepted by them that they may live thereby.
13 And when they do this I will bless them with My Spirit, and be again unto them a Father, and they again My children, even as before.
Even so, Amen.
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