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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 177

Revelation received December 15 and 16, 1992
At Santaquin, Utah

Behold I say unto you that I am the LORD, even thy God that speaketh unto you this day.
And it is My purpose to expose error and sin that they may be eradicated from the lives of My servants and maidservants, that ye become a holy generation.
For I say unto you that unless a wound is opened and the pus removed it cannot heal, and unless ye remove the puss of a rebellious spirit from you, ye cannot be of any value in My kingdom.
And I will take ye one by one, if ye will have it and expose the error that is in you, not that to condemn, but to open, remove and heal.
And yet I shall begin with My servant, for does not self pity take hold of him, and causeth him to falter and not stand when the adversary doth rage against him?
Therefore, instead of succumbing to this he must resist this when it comes upon him, and if he doeth this with all his might My Spirit will attend him and help him recover from this most grievous sin.
For it taketh away his strength and the strength of any man who succumbs to its power, and makes their efforts of none effect.
And I will reveal yet to each one of you your sins that ye may eradicate them from you.
For all are the result of a rebellious spirit, which causeth hate, anger, lust and all unholy practices.
10 And thus the spirits of the evil one taketh hold, for one has the spirit of despondency, and another a spirit of jealousy, and another a self-righteous spirit which justifieth their actions; and yet another hath a multitude of spirits that taketh hold of those who are rebellious.
11 For did not I cast out of My maidservant Mary seven of those spirits which had entered her when she did become rebellious against My word?
12 And I will reveal these to each of you and if ye desire to remove these sins from you with a great desire and with all thy might, behold I your LORD will support thee.
13 Yet those who have resisted My Spirit in the past, unless they strive with all their heart and put their resistance and rebellion to My Spirit behind them, behold they will have much difficulty in accomplishing these commandments that I do give unto them at this time.
14 And now my son, ye shall look about thee and see what ye shall see.
15 Behold ye shall see not one in My Salem school that testifies on your behalf, no not one.
16 For not one has testified to another that they know that ye are My servant, yea even a prophet sent by Me your Savior, for they fear men.
17 For many times I have given them opportunities and promptings to say these words, and they have resisted My Spirit and remained silent, and have feared that they would have been ridiculed.
18 And there is none exempted, and all are ashamed that they say not even to their friends, or even to their relatives these words.
19 And some say, yea we will do this, but they do it not by my promptings, but for gain's sake.
20 For they do this to seek to gain the admiration of others to benefit them materially, but they do it not for Me.
21 And because of this I will take thee from among them; yet I will give unto them but one year.
22 And as Abraham questioned the angels, and asked them that if even 50 or 20 or 10 would repent, would they refrain from destroying Sodom and Gomorrah, behold I say unto you that I will refrain My taking thee from among them if but 2 will totally repent.
23 For because they are ashamed of thee, I am ashamed of them, and thus I excuse neither men nor women.
24 For I say unto you My son, ye are alone, and there are none that are not ashamed, and do not fear, and do hesitate to testify of Me, and he whom I have chosen;
25 For if they would have heeded My promptings would there not now be many schools established? Behold I say unto you, Yea!
26 And they say, "We do this not, for fear of making a noise".
27 Behold I have given you much instruction concerning this matter, and if ye would have heeded these instructions and listed to the promptings of My Spirit, ye would have not made a noise, for one has not to do with the other.
28 And if ye do this not, how then are ye to be free from the blood of this generation?
29 Behold I say unto you, there is no other way.
Even so, Amen.
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