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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 178

Revelation received March 10, 1993
At Santaquin, Utah

My son, ye have come before Me this day with a contrite heart, even being receptive to My word, which is the still small voice which pierceth to the center and maketh the joints tremble.
And ye have wondered at the happenings that have occurred among you, and I say unto you: fear not, for My Spirit will attend you, and in all your trials I your Savior will be with you.
And ye have asked Me concerning My servant Walther, and behold I say unto you that it is because of his age that this has happened to him and not due to any sin that he may have committed.
Yet I have not called him home at this moment, for he has yet some service that he yet needs to perform on My behalf; for his work is not yet completed, yet soon shall be.
And upon My servant Manfred, I do place his responsibility, for I call him to be the Presiding Bishop.
And his counselors shall even be Siegfried and David.
And he shall counsel in all things with My servant Walther, who is extremely familiar with all these matters.
And in doing this I have released My servant Robert2 and My servant Heber as counselors, and will call them to fill other positions at a later date.
And all other offices shall remain the same until others step forward, for this burden is great upon My servant Manfred.
10 And I say unto his counselors that they support him and help him in all his responsibilities, that his burden be lightened.
11 And I have yet to say many things unto My servants, yet hesitate to reveal more, for they yet seek to hide their counsel from Me;
12 For not only must men repent of their sins, they must also repent of the thoughts that cause them to sin.
13 For the Pharisees sinned not in the flesh, but their thoughts were full of deceit and lust-- and are not these sins of a greater magnitude, and more difficult to repent of than the sins of the flesh? Behold I say unto you, yea.
14 And concerning My servant Lee, he has not always heeded My law in the past, and has done his own will, and continues to do so;
15 Therefore, I hesitate to give unto him further commandments that he be not under condemnation if he keep them not.
16 Nevertheless, if he so desires he shall make an effort to again obtain My sacred spot near the town of Priddy in the state of Texas.
17 And behold, I call My servant Jerry to prepare himself for responsibilities that he shall receive under the hand of My servant, and none other.
18 And a School shall be set up in the State of Texas, that My work shall expand and grow according to the efforts of My servants, and according to their diligence in keeping My commandments.
Even so, Amen.
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