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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 18

Revelation received November 23, 1964
And Thereafter as Designated
At Wellington, Utah

Behold I say unto you, even your Savior, saying with a loud voice, fear God and give glory to Him.
For the time soon cometh when I shall come to govern My people, yea, even the pure in heart shall hear My voice and shall clap their hands with joy, knowing their rest shall be glorious.
Yea, even I give unto you a revelation, yea, even to the leaders of My church, yea, even that they will cringe with fear and quake with fright, those that heed not My commandments.
For the truth pierceth to the heart and maketh bare the wound, and the wicked rage to hear it.
Behold, I say unto you that ye covenant with Me that ye will keep the law as contained in the revelations received by My servant Joseph, even in the book the Doctrine and Covenants of My church.
Behold I say unto you, ye keep them not, and ye devise ways and means whereby ye excuse yourselves of these most sacred of covenants [December 13, 1964] and ye seek continually to please the world, thinking only of the immediate rewards.
But ye neglect the weightier matters which bring salvation to the soul, and which bring rewards eternal.
Repent even now, for ye shall not stand at the last day.

[December 6, 1964]
Behold I say unto you, the leaders of My church, ye have distorted the truth of My gospel and have changed and set up offices in My church which are an abomination unto Me.
10 And ye have appointed work and responsibilities of some which belong to another.
11 And ye have gone on in your own ways thinking that ye are wiser than God.
12 Behold I say unto you, listen and give ear and hear wisdom from your Savior and be not deceived.
13 Behold, ye have set up offices in the church called assistants to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
14 Behold, ye have received no commandment from Me to set up such an office, for such an office is not after the order of heaven, which church, if it is to be My church, and named after My name, must be in the pattern which I shall designate.
15 Behold I say unto you, that when Mine apostles were upon the earth, even Mine apostles of olden time, behold, I ordained even twelve at the time of My ministry, and behold ye know of a surety that I ordained twelve in Jerusalem, and from these twelve I ordained three to be the Presidency of My church, even Mine apostles Peter, James and John.
16 For they held the keys of Presidency, and to those things pertaining to the upbuilding of My church.
17 And ye would have this record had not those wicked ones removed this knowledge from these records which ye have.
18 Nevertheless, there is sufficient written for ye to understand.
19 Nevertheless, these three which I chose, holding the office of Presidency, remained part of the Twelve.
20 For there was not a necessity that they should be separate at that time.
21 Yea, and after My resurrection ye have record and bear record that I visited the saints who were separate from those in Jerusalem, yea, even those who remained here upon this continent.
22 And from those who were faithful I chose even twelve, and these I ordained to be apostles to My church, to govern the affairs of My church in this part of My kingdom.
23 For there were even two quorums of twelve in separate parts of My vineyard having authority and set up to govern that particular part of My kingdom.
24 And behold this is the pattern which I have set, which is after the most holy order of God.
25 Nevertheless, when I set up My church by the hand of My prophet Joseph Smith, I separated the Presidency separate from the Quorum of Twelve Apostles preparatory to that which was to follow.
26 Behold, it was not expedient to reveal further to My prophet Joseph Smith at that time, for I reveal line upon line, precept upon precept, for the benefit of My saints as the need arises.
27 Nevertheless, I set this up preparatory to that which was to follow.
28 Behold I say unto you, that it is expedient that ye ordain under My hand a quorum of twelve apostles for not more than one hundred and forty-four Stakes of My church, over which they are to preside and govern, and be traveling high priests bearing especial witness to Me and governing and setting in order all things pertaining to My work in that section of My kingdom wherewith they are to preside.
29 And thus likewise ye shall divide it according as the Spirit whispereth, and there shall be no disputations among you.
30 And ye shall ordain quorums of twelve apostles as need arises, and each shall be responsible to Me for their stewardship in that section of My kingdom wherewith they shall govern.
31 And ye shall put out of My sight these abominations ye have set up, which are like unto the abominations set up by that great and abominable church which shall shortly receive the wrath of Mine indignation.
32 Behold, ye also distort other principles of My gospel, for ye have not understood and have not heeded those things which are most plain and precious which are contained in My book, the Doctrine and Covenants.
33 And ye have listed to that evil one which seeks to place himself at the head of My church.
34 For he hath crept into many of those who preside over the church, and by this means he hopeth to overthrow My kingdom, by bringing confusion into it and by bringing compulsion upon My people.
35 For he inspireth the minds and thoughts of man with great works, and they appeareth of great worth at the time, but afterwards bringeth only confusion and a stumbling block for My people.
36 And by his many subtle means he gaineth control, but behold I say unto you, he shall be exposed and be overthrown and cast out, and at My coming, by My presence, be cast into outer darkness for the space of a thousand years.
37 And after that he shall be loosed for a little season to gather those that are his and then shall the end come.
38 And again pertaining to the abominations ye have brought into My church.
39 Behold, ye have placed the responsibility of the welfare of My church upon the shoulders of the elders of My church.
40 Behold I say unto you, this is an abomination unto Me, for at no time have I stated in My book, the Doctrine and Covenants, that the elders preside over the welfare of My church.
41 For I have stated plainly that the responsibility remaineth in the bishop and his counselors, for he presideth over the Aaronic Priesthood, and hath complete responsibility in this matter.
42 Neither hath he responsibility pertaining to the spiritual things of this church, and if any hath a matter pertaining to a spiritual thing he must needs go to the head of his quorum or whichever be in charge and ask him.
43 For I have not given to the bishop of My church this charge, but in temporal matters he hath charge and this is his calling.
44 For it is not the calling of the elders to be in charge over the welfare of My church.
45 But it is meet for them to be standing elders, living My commandments and exhorting the people to righteousness and expounding the scriptures in all humility, and assisting the bishop in all things pertaining to temporal matters as requested and needed for the welfare of My church.
46 And ye have said and written even that the bishop is the presiding high priest, and therefore able to govern the quorums and instruct them in his ward.
47 Behold I say unto you, this is also an abomination unto Me, for a bishop hath no authority over the Melchizedek Priesthood, and cannot call them to order or have any degree of authority over this Priesthood, but hath authority only as I have before mentioned.
48 And behold, ye have begun to do even that which was of old, for they did this thing and from this came the most abominable church, yea, even the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth.
49 For ye do not understand and comprehend the order of heaven, and seek to establish your own order, which order was placed there by that most cunning one.
50 Neither can a bishop preside over an elder, nor a seventy, nor a high priest, but hath authority and can preside over a quorum of priests.
51 Nevertheless, he may be a judge over each member of his ward pertaining to temporal things, for he is appointed unto this, having a knowledge of this by the Spirit of Truth.
52 Now this ye have read is most plain and easy to understand, and if there be any disputations concerning this matter, ye are in error, having not the Spirit, for those who do not have My Spirit cannot understand these things.
53 For that which is carnal hath no understanding of those things pertaining to God, but things pertaining to the world.
54 And behold the wicked rage when they hear that which is the truth, for their hearts have been taken over by that evil one and they list to his desires, and plainness is contrary to their natures.
55 And they seek after mysteries, but not qualifying themselves for this knowledge, behold I say unto you, it destroyeth them, for are they not thieves?
56 Behold, ye cannot come unto My kingdom any other way, but must enter at the straight gate living My laws and My commandments.
57 Behold I say unto you, that the Presidency shall preside over the several quorums of apostles, for this is the order of My church, yea, even patterned after the order of heaven.
58 And the President presideth over the whole church, and is to be like unto Moses, yea, to be a seer, a revelator, a translator, and a prophet, having all the gifts of God which he bestows upon the head of the church.
59 But woe unto those in the Presidency of My church who keep not and sustain not My commandments!
60 For unless they keep My commandments they have not the power, for not even the President of My church hath this power if he keeps not the commandments pertaining to these gifts.
61 For wherein can ye receive a blessing from My hand unless ye keep the commandments pertaining to that blessing?
62 Yea, woe unto those in the Presidency of My church who refuse My word, and live not My commandments.
63 For did not I remove even Saul from his place when he rebelled against Me?
64 For that which I have spoken shall surely come to pass, and shall surely be enacted; for they shall be smitten and their abominations exposed.
65 What then can ye say? For it is written and decreed that I will send One to set in order My church, and that one appointed shall surely be smitten, for he putteth forth his hand and seeketh to steady the ark of God.
66 He who hath an ear let him hear, and he who hath an eye let him see.
67 Behold I say unto you, only by the Spirit of God can ye understand the things of God.
68 Enter ye in at the strait gate and be saved, even at My coming, even the living and the dead.
Even so, Amen.
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