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2nd Book of Commandments 180

Revelation received May 8, 1993
At Santaquin, Utah

My son, that which I have to say unto thee at this time is of the gravest importance unto those who have taken upon themselves My name;
And especially to those who have thought to bring forth the choice spirits that are to come forth in these the last days.
For I give unto you revelation upon revelation that ye may progress and be guided into the overcoming of the many traditions which are the sins of the fathers, that hamper thee in the obtaining of an eternal salvation.
For I your Savior do say unto thee that the forces of evil are arrayed against thee, for their anger is kindled with fierceness because of your efforts to overcome these faults and angers that prevent thee from receiving the fullness of My Spirit.
For behold, when ye receive the fullness of My Spirit, the adversary hath no further claim on thee; and ye then have power to say unto him depart and he must depart.
And when ye say unto the sick, "Be healed", they shall be healed, no longer having their affliction.
And behold I am well pleased with My servants, for they have worked diligently and have sacrificed much on My behalf, speaking unto them collectively, and not individually.
And as ye slept the last night in Boise, ye went to sleep with questions on your mind; and when ye awoke, the answers to these questions were before you;
And thus ye know of a surety that ye were visited during the night by My servants who did teach you these things.
10 And the one question ye had was concerning sealings.
11 Behold I say unto you, that if a woman is totally committed unto a man, being totally committed in the flesh (for have I not said in My scriptures that they shall be one flesh?) then I do seal that woman to that man.
12 For when My maidservant Eve did sin grievously and partook of the fruit against the commandment they were given, the only way she could obtain her salvation was to totally commit herself to Adam.
13 And this she did, and thus she became the mother of all living, for she totally committed herself unto him.
14 And this is clearly spelled out in the Temple ceremony.
15 It was for this reason she made certain covenants and promises that if she faithfully adhered to, the promises were that she would become a queen even unto him.
16 This she did, and behold, was she not then sealed unto him, that she would receive the eternal blessings and honor of the righteous?
17 And does she not now sit in yonder heavens revered as a queen; and does she not sit at his side in glory and light?
18 Did I not likewise seal Sarah unto My servant Abraham for did she not then totally commit herself unto him?
19 And this is the promise unto the righteous woman, if she totally commits herself unto her righteous husband: the promise is that she shall be sealed unto him that she be even a queen or a princess unto him, to reign with him throughout the eternities.
20 And those who do not totally commit themselves unto their righteous husbands, I say unto you, they must repent, otherwise they shall not have any such blessing.
21 And thus I say unto My maidservants, that they totally commit themselves unto My servants that they qualify themselves for these blessings.

22 And again in a like manner the wicked are sealed unto the wicked;
23 For when the daughter of the serpent did even totally commit herself unto Cain, I did even make him subject unto her; and he did even heed her counsel and advice which was totally evil.
24 And this ye have recorded in the book ye call the Bible, even Genesis, chapter 4, verse 7.
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