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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 181

Revelation received February 1994
At Boise, Idaho

Behold! Hear ye the words of your Redeemer even Jesus Christ, yea even the voice of Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end;
For there is no beginning nor end to the Priesthood which I hold, which has power to create and organize the planets and planetary systems which become the habitations of men.
For was I not the first of the spirits to be born unto Michael in the spirit?
And when the time came for a Savior to be born on this earth that ye now dwell upon, the Father did come down, even Jehovah, so that the prophesy would be fulfilled that the Savior of this earth would be the Firstborn of the spirit, and the Only Begotten of the Father in the flesh.
And in preparation of this happening, and in order for these things to be accomplished, Michael, who temporarily relinquished His standing in the heavens, came to this earth to enable His posterity to receive the same blessings as he himself-- thus He became Adam, the father of all living.
And unto him I gave the grand keys, even the knowledge and government of the earth.
For I gave unto Him the knowledge of the economic order which when used in righteousness would enable his posterity to prosper in a righteous manner. This economic order he did establish in its perfection.
Also unto him I did give the keys of knowledge of the political system which was used to govern all his posterity, and this also did he establish, and he did govern in righteousness all mankind, as well as all the beasts of the field, all cattle, wild animals, and the fowls of the air.
For was he not given this dominion and authority as indicated in the ancient scriptures ye have?
10 Yet again, I gave unto him the keys of the School of the Prophets wherein all of his posterity were taught truth and the ways of righteousness.
11 And these three organizations he did develop and organized among his posterity.
12 For he was not ignorant as some would believe, but in every way was the master of all knowledge and wisdom.
13 And unto those of his posterity who strayed from the truth, a church was set up to preach the gospel.
14 And the faithful of his posterity did go forth upon the earth and did preach the gospel of truth to those who had fallen.
15 But except for the few that did repent, they in the main listed to the evil one, and heeded not the words of their righteous brethren;
16 And from that time forth wickedness began to multiply upon the face of the earth in consequence of their rebelliousness, for they loved the evil instead of the good, or the adversary instead of their God.
17 Yea, and in consequence of their making this choice they began to joy in the shedding of blood, and the doing of all manner of wickedness, yea even to the seeking to kill those who had been sent.
18 And thus after a time of this evil doing the earth wearied of this wickedness, and caused a flood to encompass the earth (that the earth be not entirely destroyed) to the destruction of all the wicked upon it, and to its cleansing.
19 Yet again, at this time the earth wearieth because of the gross wickedness that is upon it.
20 For there are those that encourage the union of man and beast, and there are those who have totally corrupted My true ways which I revealed to My servant Joseph Smith.
21 For these are the wickednesses that cause the necessity of the earth to be cleansed: rebelliousness by My Priesthood against the true gospel, and the encouragement by those who have been entrusted with My Holy Priesthood, for My people to union with the beast of the field; these are the most serious of all sins, and are most worthy of death.
22 For this reason I did cause the floods to come at the time of My servant Noah, and at this time I will surely come as I have promised; and will I not then cleanse it? Yet I will cleanse it not by the floods, but by fire, yea even by the brightness of My coming.
23 And behold, all that has been written here is truth, and all that pertains to the future shall be fulfilled, and shall stand as a witness against the wicked and those who desire the glory of this earth instead of My will.
Even so, Amen.
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