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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 183

Revelation received November 25, 1992
At Santaquin, Utah

Behold My son. I your Savior do say unto you at this time that those who have taken upon themselves My name have taken that which I have revealed unto them and have not treated it in a serious manner;
For that which I have revealed unto you can either be for your exaltation or for your total damnation.
And for this reason there must be a total repentance or I will remove the scepter from your hands and give it unto the hands of others.
And I will remove the oracle from your possession, and it shall be taken from among you, and where then shall be your guidance?
For there are those among you who have flagrantly disregarded My word and have twisted and turned the sacred words that have been entrusted to them, and have turned these words to their own advantage.
And they have placed this work in grave jeopardy.
And they say, "I have strictly followed the Lord's instructions." Behold, they are liars, for they have heeded their lusts and selfish desires.
And thus they suppose they are in great favor with their LORD.
Behold I say unto you, I will shortly spew them out of My mouth, for they are but vomit, and are a great stench unto My nostrils.
10 Nevertheless, I have tolerated them to this point, for their efforts in the past, but now they must be brought to the snubbing post, or depart-- for I will have no part of them if they do not totally repent.
11 And those who pollute themselves in any way prevent themselves from bringing forth the righteous generation spoken of that is to come forth.
12 For those who say, "I will do this and this and it will not hurt anything, and later I will repent." Behold I say unto you, they shall not receive unto themselves those spirits that I have reserved for the righteous;
13 And the adversary knows this, and tries with all his might and cunning to cause those who have been chosen for this work to sin in the least, so that they will disqualify themselves from bringing forth these choice spirits;
14 For if he can get them but to sin once, if they then bring forth seed, the seed shall not be of the chosen but of those who are worthy of a far lesser glory.
15 And those who resist temptation, and keep themselves pure, behold they are worthy of a much greater exaltation; and shall receive those spirits that are a chosen people worthy of bringing forth My Zion.
16 For beforetime I your Lord God tried to prepare a people to bring forth My chosen race, but few heeded My word, and succumbed to sin, and fell.
17 And to those few who heeded My will, I took unto Myself, for they were worthy.
18 For they were not coerced, but chose of themselves the right path, heeding and listening to My Spirit in all matters, and resisting all temptations.
19 And because of their stand, the adversary raged and desired their fall and total destruction.
20 For all those who take upon themselves My name must perform all their actions on their own accord; for without this stand, utilizing their own freedom in the matter, they cannot obtain unto themselves the reward.
21 For all must receive this test, that they qualify for the reward, even Life Eternal.
22 And because of this, I have given unto you instruction upon instruction, that ye have tools to withstand the temptations that the adversary presents enticingly before you.
23 Yet after all this instruction I have given to you in plainness, there are those who twist and turn and perform acts that are according to My law, but not according to My will.
24 For when an act is not in accordance to My will, then can I give My blessing to it? I say unto you, nay.
25 For the New and Everlasting Covenant of marriage is according to My law, but those who practice it not according to My will shall not receive the blessings thereof.
26 For did not I take this most sacred law from among the Nephites for their abuse of this law? And so shall I remove all those who keep this law without My approbation;
27 For though they keep My law, they do it not according to My will.
28 Behold I say unto you, to those who follow this course it shall be unto them a cursing instead of a blessing.
29 And thus for this time, I give unto you instruction concerning this matter, that ye not fall again into the pattern of those of old that disqualified themselves from bringing forth My Zion.
30 For if I say unto one man, "Take unto yourself a wife", and he doeth it, and keepeth My laws, then it is according to My will, and he shall be blessed and receive the reward.
31 And if a man desireth to take unto himself a wife, and I say unto him that he shall not do so, and if he doeth it, then he shall not be blessed, and I shall have no part of it.
32 And if men take unto themselves wives of whom they choose, not confirming it by My word, then they do it according to their own will, and not Mine;
33 How then can I approve their actions, seeing that it is not according to My will?
34 This is when they shall receive the cursing instead of the blessing.
Even so, Amen.
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