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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 184

Revelation received December 13, 1992
At Santaquin, Utah

My son, thy heart is broken because of the reception ye have received to the advice ye have given, for the advice ye have given has been considered as of no value or consequence;
And all have resisted it except for those who are My faithful both here and in Germany.
For they have feared Babylon, and have used this as an excuse to not keep My law and My will;
Yea, and they have not considered that I have protected them to this time, and has this not been a miracle considering the adversary's desire to destroy this work?
Therefore I say unto you, that thy efforts to raise up a righteous generation to this time have been in vain. For the adversary hath had the advantage because those who were called heeded not My commandments.
These commandments I did give unto them they considered as not significant, and because they kept them not it hath caused nearly the destruction of this work.
For it is the small commandments that I do give unto you, that if ye keep, the greater blessings shall come.
For if ye keep not these small commandments, how then can I bless you with the commandments that will bring the wall of protection from above, that will be like unto a pillar of fire by night and the column of smoke by day, even as the Israelites received in their wanderings in the wilderness.
For if ye heed not the small commandments with a willingness of heart and with joy, then if ye keep them, they will be but a loathing unto thee.
10 For without this joy and willingness of heart, there is no promise.
11 For if ye say, "I fear this will happen, and that", then ye lack faith that I will protect thee in these actions, even though I have many times protected thee in the past.
12 And they have said, "We desire to give to My servant to receive of the blessings of Abraham".
13 I say unto you they shall receive no blessings until they have paid the debt, for there is still a great debt that My Servant hath not received payment for.
Even so, Amen.
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