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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 187

Revelation received 30 July 1993
At Santaquin, Utah

My son, ye have wondered why there are many obstacles being placed before you on this occasion that appear to be insurmountable;
Yet I your Savior have allowed these obstacles to occur that ye may gain wisdom;
Nevertheless, there are those among you who secretly desire thee to fail in your efforts to establish My Zion.
And those who desire these things must either repent or depart; and ye shall know them by the fruits that they bare.
For My true servants bare fruit that is true to form, and in accordance with the accepted pattern of the law.
Those who are of the evil one bare fruit, if at all, withered and deformed.
Yea, here is wisdom, these must be exposed; and ye must surely cast them off, least they contaminate the whole.
And those who desire not to build up My kingdom and My Zion, and who are totally engrossed in their own possessions, which is their worldly goods, even coveting that of others (behold I say unto you this even includes the children which are placed under their jurisdiction), I say unto them they must repent or they will surely lose My Spirit and be lost.
And unto My maidservant Deborah. I am pleased with her efforts in the keeping of My commandments;
10 Nevertheless, let her conversations be yea and nay as I have before instructed My servants.
11 For have I not said this, and it is recorded in My scriptures?
12 For more or less is not pleasing unto Me. For it is not meet that she multiply many words, but let her conversation be simple and straightforward, speaking truth in righteousness.
13 For this is the interpretation of this saying, righteousness in this case being a sincere and honest heart.
14 And I give unto my maidservant this commandment not by way of condemnation but by way of instruction that she may improve and become unto Me a more profitable maidservant, and more perfect in her calling.
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