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2nd Book of Commandments 188

Revelation received 22 August 1993
At Santaquin, Utah

My son. It is important that ye take pen in hand this day and write that which I shall reveal unto you, for this pertains to several of My people who have seriously taken upon them My name-- yea, even Jesus Christ your redeemer;
And this is to these only, and none other, that the adversary have no power over you.
For I give these instructions by way of advisement, and not by way of commandment; nevertheless, if ye follow them it will protect thee from greater burdens than if ye go by way of the plans ye now contemplate.
And I reveal these things unto you, for there are some among you who are in conflict, and there is danger that they be influenced by the wrong spirits, and be led into crooked paths wherein the adversary hath more power.
And unto My maidservants Deborah and Felicity I say unto them that it will be to their advantage to move to Boise as soon as they are able, yea even before or after the birth of Deborah's child, it mattereth not unto Me.
And unto My servant David, he is to work diligently in Boise to finish and complete the work on the house, even finishing and completing the office and bathroom, that all may be completed by the time My maidservants are to move there.
And he then is to move back to Santaquin, for he is diligently to work on the Ozondah for the time being.
For he shall not forget the Ozondah, for until My Servant is able to free himself from the burdens of Babylon, he is to continue to pursue this until it is a source of revenue for the establishment of Zion.
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