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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 189

Revelation received 15 November 1993
At Santaquin, Utah

My son. In the past year, in the month ye call July, I your Savior warned thee that there was one among you seeking the downfall of this work that ye have commenced; and for this reason I have given unto you no further revelation for a time.
But now I say unto you that this matter is now resolved, and there should be total repentance on the part of the offending person, for with total repentance comes total forgiveness.
For I your Savior forewarned you in this matter that ye prepare yourself and those about you.
For now again I shall begin to reveal further matters pertaining unto the establishment of Zion, even in the building of your homes and in the building of your factories and all useful buildings and edifices.
And I call upon My servant Edward to locate the source of the heat resistant paint and bring this information before the School.
For this paint shall be used in the painting of the roofs and walls of the houses that shall be built up unto Me.
And further ye shall seek out ground, or level it, to be at a minimum of two degrees and a maximum of six degrees slope from front to rear; and this for a wise purpose in Me.
And as to the foundations of these homes, they shall be of a mixture of concrete and gravel, plus vermiculite.
And more concerning the foundation shall be given unto you at a later date.
10 And ye have asked and inquired of My servant Lee, and behold I say unto you that even though he hath repented somewhat, it is not at this time sufficient to warrant My total forgiveness;
11 For I say unto him that his night vision, in that he says he was instructed to take certain actions, was not of Me, but from his own heart;
12 For he desireth that which belongeth not unto him, but unto another;
13 And his heart, although at times is truly repentant, at other times it continually desires things that are contrary to My laws and My statutes, which brings great sorrow to his families and causes much consternation among them, and among others in My work who have taken upon themselves My name.
14 Behold I say unto you that if he continues in this path ye shall release him from My World School, not by way of condemnation, but by way of encouraging his true repentance.
15 For by his actions in the past he has caused great danger to My work and only by way of Mine, your Savior's, intervention have ye been protected.
16 And likewise, if he repents not, ye shall release him from all responsibilities in My Bishopric, and after that only on the base of total turning away, I will again call him to other callings;
17 But if he repents not ye shall take these actions against him, and command him that he refrain from acting in any of the offices he now holds, and shall refrain from using My name in any communication he has with his fellow man.
18 And as to those in Germany who have listed to the evil, in consequence of being of a rebellious nature, they have lost My Spirit; and I shall deal with them as I their Savior see fit.
19 And unto those who remain My faithful servants I will give increasing strength that they be able to resist all temptations.
Even so, Amen.
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