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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 19

Revelation received January, 1965
At Wellington, Utah

Behold and give ear and hear the voice of your Savior, yea, even the still small voice that maketh tremble at every joint, yea, hear your Savior who speaketh to you, even through a prophet chosen by Me.
For I choose not after the ways of men, but choose those that men cast out and esteem as naught, for this is according to the prophecies that have been made.
Behold, I have sent My servant, and there are those who hath condemned him for receiving My word, and there are those that say he receiveth these revelations from the adversary.
Beware, those who disregard these words, for they shall be accountable before Me at that day.
Behold I say unto you, that ye shall read them, and when ye read them, if ye find anything among them that teacheth that which is unrighteous, then ye shall know that they are false.
But ye shall not find such among them, for they teacheth righteousness, and cry repentance unto this people.
Behold again I say unto you, and the still small voice pierceth to the center, for it bringeth to light that which was hidden and searcheth the hearts of all men.
Yea, it commandeth the greatest among you, yea, if he who is the greatest among you shall with his wisdom prepare even a revelation like unto the least of these I have given to My Servant whom I have called, then ye are justified in saying that ye are not sure that they are true.
Nevertheless, ye know that they are true, for that which teacheth righteousness cometh from above.
10 And if the wisest among you are unable to write even as the least of these, then ye are under condemnation, for ye are like unto those who seeketh after a sign, for an evil and adulterous and an unbelieving generation seeketh after a sign.
11 Behold I say unto you, I have chosen My servant, and in him I have placed My Spirit, and I speak to him even as I spoke to My servant Joseph Smith, for I did impress upon his mind those things that were expedient to the up-building of My church, and he wrote them as I commanded.
12 Nevertheless, I appeared unto him and manifested Myself unto him in many ways, for great was his faith.
13 And in no wise did he sin, for he repented of his sins, and he kept My commandments and was faithful even unto the end, and I have taken him unto Myself, and he spilled his blood upon the floor of the Carthage jail as a testimony against the wicked.
14 Yea, and those who shed his blood have suffered and have been smitten and cursed with a sore curse even unto this day.
15 What say ye then if ye rebel against Me and heed not the words of My servant? What then are ye likened unto?
16 Yea, ye are likened unto salt that has lost its savor, and are good for nothing but to be trampled under foot.
17 For My Spirit shall withdraw from you and ye shall be cast down from that where ye now stand.
18 Yea, and all that is written concerning this matter shall surely come to pass, even every whit. For I lie not, neither does My path vary even one iota.
19 Repent therefore, and begin to keep My commandments, for I will not suffer you to mock My word.
Even so, Amen and Amen.
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