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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 191

Revelation received July 25, 1994
At Boise, Idaho

My son, as I have shown thee this night, all things are possible through Me, your Savior.
Nevertheless, I do everything according to My law, and at the time appointed all must bend the knee and bow the head and acknowledge this law;
For this is the meaning of this saying that all shall bow the head and bend the knee and acknowledge that Jesus is the Christ, for there is none other.
For I truly made the sacrifice necessary for the redemption of mankind, even by the shedding of My blood.
For all must come under this law and acknowledge it, and none shall escape its judgment if they do it not.
For the time will shortly come when all things are placed in order, and the paths made straight.
Nevertheless, much suffering shall My people pass through before the few that escape the calamities are sufficiently humbled and prepared to accept all My law.
For if they are not willing to do these things they are not of Me, and shall not receive the protection I shall award unto those who are willing to abide all My law.
And ye have seen the wicked one rage, to even if it were possible, to take thy life.
10 For he stirreth up the wicked to fierce anger, knowing they will soon be discovered in their deception.
11 And he uses the corrupt and degraded soul, who seek unto themselves the praises of the world, who have sold themselves for naught, to endeavor to accomplish these things.
12 Yea, those who once embraced the truth and have turned willfully from it, and have given themselves over to that evil one to destroy everything that is good.
Even so, Amen.
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