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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 192

Revelation received September 25, 1994
At Boise, Idaho

Behold I your Savior do say unto you at this time that ye have been neglectful in listening to the still small voice that doth prompt thee to write My mind and will unto this people, and for this reason ye are under condemnation;
And ye must repent of this matter and be more diligent.
For is it not for this reason that I have called thee? And in this matter above all else ye must do and fail not, for how then can this rebellious nation receive My word?
Nevertheless, I your Savior am well pleased with your efforts to establish a place of refuge;
And as to the site in Texas, I say unto you that ye shall not act upon this for the moment, but shall seek first to locate a temporary place in Boise, or the surrounding area.
And when ye have exhausted every avenue to obtain a place in this area that is within your means to obtain, only then shall ye make an effort to obtain the sight ye have chosen in Texas.
Nevertheless, because of the quickly changing times ye shall be observant and diligent to obtain property in any area that has been designated a temporary or permanent place of refuge;
And ye have these places written in the words I have already given unto you.
And as to the property near the village of Priddy, behold I say unto you that ye have done what ye can in the matter, and this land is no longer available, and is now in My hands what shall be done unto it.
10 For I placed in the hands of My servant Lee sufficient funds for the redemption of this property, and he did use this money for other purposes which were of his own design, and thus he has come under condemnation in this matter.
11 For it was time for this property to be redeemed and reclaimed from the wicked and those who would pollute My footstool with unholy works.
12 And I say unto you also that when ye have obtained the titles to the property on Adams Street ye shall re-dedicate it unto Me that I may dwell there;
13 And those that reside at that place, may they remember Me their Savior and be diligent in keeping My commandments.
14 And ye have also wondered concerning the actions taken against you by the State of Utah.
15 Behold I your Savior have allowed this to happen that the wicked expose themselves, and the righteous be rewarded.
16 For before judgments are justified, the wicked must act on their unrighteous thoughts.
17 And ye shall complain not, for all these things must be accomplished before My judgments are poured out upon the people--
18 Beginning with those who say they love Me, but yet are to Me My fiercest enemies, perverting the truth and making of it a mockery.
19 And unto those in Germany, I say unto them that I have not forgotten them, and commend them for their faithfulness;
20 And whether their reward shall be now or at a later date, doth this matter?
21 For My rewards are not according to the carnal desires of men, but are of a much greater worth, even unto Lives Eternal.
22 And unto My maidservant Lisa, she hath been faithful and diligent, bearing up under much difficulties and persecutions; and behold I her Savior say unto her that if she remains faithful she shall indeed have Eternal Life.
23 For in all matters ye shall be thankful and complain not, for have not those who have gathered in Boise been lifted from their financial burdens?
24 And in all your dealings with your fellow men ye shall not retaliate, but do things in a quiet manner, not lifting your voices, even in the act of disciplining, for does this not draw attention?
25 And as to the children and their schooling: the boys shall be separate from the girls, for their paths in life are of a different nature.
26 Nevertheless, because of the difficult situations ye shall do as best ye can in this matter.
27 For I say unto you that even now the adversary doth rage, and if ye be even as quiet as can be then he hath no power over thee; and the quieter ye are, the lesser power he hath.
28 Yea, herein lies the secret that ye shall not be overcome.
29 And if ye quarrel among yourselves, then he hath a greater power, and causeth thee much grief, even by drawing attention to yourselves--
30 Giving the destroying angel more power, causing you and those that ye love physical debilitation and poor health.
31 I have given these few commandments that ye may learn and rectify the things that are in error, not condemning to bring despondency, but to lift you up that ye may rejoice and be glad.
32 For if ye love one another, or in other words seek after each others welfare, then My Spirit will dwell with you, and I will be your God.
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