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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 193

Revelations received
October and November 1994
At Boise, Idaho

My son, ye have asked Me this night in thy prayer that I will judge between thee and those who persecute thee--and I will surely do this in Mine own due time.
For ye have been faithful in doing that which I have commanded of thee.
Yet I say unto you, there are some that call themselves after My name who are not satisfied with the arrangements ye have made on the property on Adams Street;
And because of this ye shall resolve these differences, otherwise I will not accept the dedication ye have made on this property.
For all disputations among you must be resolved, and a decision made and agreed upon by an oath and a covenant--
And this by all parties, that no one can come forward at a later date and claim any part of it.
And when ye have done this, each with a sincere and honest heart, then shall thy dedication be acceptable.
My son, there are some in My school who have asked thee to receive direction by the still small voice concerning My maidservant's proclamation; therefore, I will give unto them instruction concerning the matter.
For when a woman in Israel receives a sign for a man, I her Savior also give unto her a witness by My Holy Spirit.
10 When this is present, and it is felt by others, then ye are certain that these things are of Me, and are not of a false origin.
11 Nevertheless, ye who have the responsibility of discerning these matters must also seek confirmation from Me, for ye cannot place this responsibility on another;
12 And the confirmation they receive, either "yea" or "nay", they shall convey to the School.
13 For if they do otherwise they pin their responsibilities on another's sleeve, which also the Church does--which has caused them to deviate from the correct path.
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