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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 194

Revelation received January 29, 1995
At Boise, Idaho

My son, ye shall take pen in hand and write down that which I have to say unto you at this time, for it is important that ye convey unto My servants that which I have for their instruction.
For ye have been led by My Spirit to this property, and if ye do My will concerning the matter I will indeed bless you that ye will be able to establish it as a temporary place of refuge where My faithful shall gather until such time that they shall be called to a permanent place of refuge.
And ye shall set up an ensign unto My name at this place, and ye shall divide it as ye had thought, for these thoughts came from Me.
For ye shall divide the center part into half acre plots, and on the west side ye shall place a name on each plot, one for each of those who have been faithful.
Ye shall give at no charge to My servant Walther and his wife Lisa even two choice lots; and unto My servant Siegfried one lot, and unto My maidservant Sister Becker even a choice lot.
And these lots are by an eternal inheritance, for they cannot be taken from them in this life, nor in the life to come except it be by transgression, for they have been faithful in keeping the commandments that I gave unto them.
And unto the others who have been faithful, for each lot a sum of $7,000 shall be paid, if it be for their dwelling place;
And if it be for a place for their stewardship, then for each lot the sum of $2,200 shall be paid.
And lots for stewardships shall be located on the east portion of the center plot.
10 And thus ye shall divide the center portion of the land.
11 And the remainder of the land shall be used in common for the benefit of all, and each portion developed for its best use.
12 And if ye follow these instructions and obey My commandments, ye shall indeed be led with a careful hand;
13 And ye shall obey all previous commandments that have been given concerning the United Order; and ye shall by this means pay off as soon as possible the debt that encumbers the property.
14 And ye shall, even none of you, incur further debt for any goods, cattle, materials, building, or homes unless I command you.
15 For if it be a place of refuge it must not be encumbered in any way to Babylon, that the adversary have an advantage.
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