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2nd Book of Commandments 195

Revelation received March 12, 1995
At Boise, Idaho

Ye have read concerning the history of the church by My servant D Michael Quinn, and behold I say unto you that it is more accurate than any other writing concerning the martyrdom of My servant Joseph Smith and the events surrounding his death, and the death of My servant Hyrum, and the events occurring shortly thereafter.
Nevertheless, it is not correct in all respects, for it contains assumptions and interpolations of the author.
Yet it expresses correctly the reasons why many fell away at that time, they being bitter and full of envy.
And concerning My servant Brigham Young, although he carried forth many truths which he obtained from My servant, he made some decisions that caused him to err; nevertheless, I supported him in his weaknesses because of his devotion to the upbuilding of My work on this earth.
Nevertheless, he was unable to establish My kingdom, for he sought no further light concerning this matter;
Neither was he able to set up in a correct manner the United Order among My people--for again he sought no further revelation upon this matter, which revelation was necessary for its establishment.
And he understood not fully the function of the School of the Prophets, and this cornerstone was also neglected, and not until the time of My servant John Taylor was this again established--yet only for a brief moment.
For this My servant John was closer to Me, his Savior, than all My servants from the time of My servant Joseph.
And I spoke to him in Mine own tongue, yea, even by the still small voice, yea, even as one friend speaketh to another, even as I spoke to My servant Joseph.
10 And ye have asked Me concerning My servant Lee, what ye shall say unto him, because of his continual disregard and disobedience of My marriage laws.
11 For instead of heeding My laws, which have been plainly written, he hath taken these words and mixed them with his own ideas and notions.
12 And he continues to seek after women in the wrong manner, being like unto those who call themselves fundamentalists.
13 For they have greatly twisted My words, which actions have taken them into confusion.
14 For he also twists the words of My law to suit his own will and desires, and in the past I have forgiven him because of his repentance;
15 Nevertheless, his repentance is not of a sincere nature, for he immediately finds other ways that he may circumvent these laws that will justify him in his actions.
16 For at this moment ye must have amongst you only those who have been tried in the fire of adversity;
17 For places of refuge will be set up by these only, for if ye bring others not tried in this manner, they shall fall and cause the downfall of your efforts.
18 And because he is insistent in these matters, ye shall release him from all the offices he holds in My holy Priesthood.
19 Yet if he truly repents I will forgive him, yet he will not gain back his former favor until again I his Savior call him to other offices if the works required for these callings are forth-coming.
20 Nevertheless, ye cannot remove him from My Priesthood, for this is not within your power to do so, nor is it in any man's power to do so.
21 For the same power that gave it must remove it, and this only through gross transgression.
22 And ye shall call as a councilor in My school even My servant David, for although he doth err from time to time in doctrine, he hath remained faithful to My Servant;
23 Nevertheless, he shall not rely on the arm of flesh, for the arm of flesh doth not always prevail, but he must needs place his faith in his Savior who faileth not.

24 And as to My servants in Germany, ye shall wait for their answer, for ye shall not move to Texas at this time, but shall wait until all things are done in order and prepared.
25 Yet if they answer not within a month, ye are justified in going forth with your own plans as My Spirit has outlined.
26 And as to My servant Siegfried and My maidservant Sister Becker, ye shall see if indeed they are in need of assistance, and if this be the case, ye shall help them as they have helped thee in the past.
Even so, Amen.
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