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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 197

Revelation received June 1995
At Boise, Idaho

My son, It is My will that ye hold for My servant Walther a memorial service wherein ye shall call together all the faithful, even men, women, and the children also to gather together to honor this man.
For is he not worthy of such honor, and ye shall choose one of you to speak on this occasion, pointing out his accomplishments and achievements, and of the importance of his faithfulness to the end.
For did he not convey to My servant Siegfried a short time before he entered My presence that he agreed with the Texas property being prepared as a temporary place of refuge for My servants?
And this was his last official act upon this earth, and was this not an important act? And in accomplishing this was he not then faithful unto the end, not denying his testimony?
For now you know with assurance, and ye have the necessary knowledge and authority to prepare this land in the proper manner.
And ye shall also by the authority of the Priesthood ye hold, and in My name, dedicate, consecrate and set aside his body for the grave where it shall rest in peace until he shall be called forth in the resurrection of the just;
And ye shall continue, and dedicate, consecrate, and set aside his coffin for the reception of his body;
And ye shall follow this procedure, and dedicate in like manner the grave site, and the grave.
This ye shall all do by the authority of the Priesthood which ye hold and in My name.
10 And ye shall do this by proxy in the same manner ye did for the girl in Alpine; for in all that was done on My servant Walther's behalf, there was none that attended, except for My servant Siegfried, that held My holy Priesthood.
11 And in this manner ye shall do this that the living must know to honor those who have been valiant and honored Me and have been faithful unto the end.
12 For ye have the knowledge and hold the keys to this power.
13 And this ye shall do and witness to the world that indeed a Princedom has been prepared for this My faithful servant.
14 And thus ye shall honor My servant by wearing your finest apparel, and ye shall know and give thanks to your God that ye have been acquainted with such a man. For was he not My friend?
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