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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 198

Revelation received August, 1995
At Boise, Idaho

My son, ye have wondered concerning the great difficulties the blood of Israel have in being obedient to My laws and living My commandments.
Behold I your Savior say unto thee, it is due to the great amount of Gentile blood they have in their veins.
For it is this blood that causeth them to not be diligent, and negligent.
For the true blood of Israel desireth light and knowledge of the truth so that they can prepare themselves through works to gain Eternal Life;
And conversely, the Gentile blood seeketh to satisfy the desires of the flesh.
And these two factors ply within them to first seek good, and then to seek after error.
And thus ye see those around you struggle this way and that way, being in conflict with themselves.
Yet if they totally choose the right, which is called repentance, I their Savior shall forgive them, and will give them light and knowledge to overcome their sins; which in the main is rebellion against the truth.
And I their Savior wait for their sincere commitment so that the veil be lifted and the healing commence.
10 And I also fear to give them a greater portion of My Spirit, for with it they are able to see the faults of others;
11 And instead of seeking to help improve one another, they seek, by this knowledge, to instead take the advantage of the other, and with the railing finger bring continual accusations against each other.
12 And instead of a blessing they receive a withdrawal of My Spirit.
13 Then there is the continual complaint, "Why then are we not blessed? and why maketh the LORD so difficult a path for us to take?"
14 For it is the Gentile blood that desires the blessings before the works.
15 Behold, a man or woman cannot receive a diploma unless great efforts are put forth, yet they desire blessings from My hand without the works-- how then can this be?
16 Yet behold, if they totally committed themselves to Me and to the work, rising each morning with a determination to be thankful in all things, I would then bless them with a multiplicity of blessings.
17 And I say unto you, ye shall not find fault with the talents of others.
18 For some are called to do one thing, and one another.
19 And if one has a talent to do one thing, and another some entirely different thing, why then can one have contempt for one another's talents?
20 And why then does one bring voice one against another?
21 For if all had the same talent, then there would be nothing accomplished, and all progression would come to a halt.
22 Then ye should rejoice in each others talents, and not find fault!
23 And ye have wondered why I have chosen those whom I have.
24 Behold I say unto you, it is because of their faults I have chosen them, for how then would ye ask concerning these things?
25 And if this be true, how then can ye criticize each other, for each of you have been chosen because of your faults.
26 And this is the meaning of the prophecy that I shall take the weak of this earth, and make them My rulers.
27 Why then do you sit night and day seeking ways to criticize each other for each others faults, while in truth each of you I have chosen because of your faults, yea even My Servant.
28 And My servants have desired to know concerning who shall go to the place of refuge first, and I your Savior say unto you it mattereth not, except that My former commandments be complied with.
Even so, Amen.
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