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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 2

Revelation received May 9th, 1961
At Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

Thus saith the LORD: Behold the time is now ripe and nigh at hand when the land of Missouri will be reclaimed from the wicked and be given to My saints. Yea, those who are pure in heart shall have an inheritance therein.
Let those who have much wealth impart unto the church their monies to purchase an inheritance in Zion; and let those who have much wealth impart it unto the poor so that they may also obtain equal inheritance in Zion, for thus it behooveth Me.
This I lay as a commandment, and woe unto those who covet their wealth and will not impart it unto the poor, for their inheritance will be taken from them.
When properties are put up for sale by the inhabitants of Independence and the surrounding countries let chosen elders, ones who are trustworthy, purchase these properties; and by this means the lands of their inheritance, even Zion, shall gradually be reclaimed from the wicked.
This must be done according to the commandments I have given you, even in My book, the Doctrine and Covenants, obeying the laws of the land in all things pertaining to this matter.
Let not those who are wicked know of these matters lest the adversary take hold of their hearts and make a stumbling block for My saints.
All those who pay a full tithe, whether rich or poor, and who keep all My commandments are worthy to have an inheritance in Zion, and this is how they shall be chosen.
However, widows and those destitute and who are living My commandments are exempt, and may receive an inheritance.
Even so, Amen.

Woe unto them that mock My servant, for they shall be naught. I know his faults and they are many; however, I do not use the wise things of the world to bring to pass My marvelous works, but use the small and contemptible things, yea, even those things that men despise and esteem as naught.
10 Let My Servant move as seemeth him good, for I have not called him to any other calling except to receive Mine oracles--therefore let his mind be at peace.
11 Nevertheless, let him beware of his weaknesses lest the adversary tempt him and he be overcome.
12 Do not at this time send this revelation to My servant the President of My church, even David O. McKay, for he pondereth these things you have sent him in his mind; and I say this unto you so you may have a witness that I know his thoughts and doings, and this is the witness ye have asked of Me. Therefore be content for the present.
Even so, Amen.
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