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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 20

Revelation received May 30, and June 4, 1965
At Wellington, Utah

Behold I say unto you, Joseph Smith asked concerning which church he should join, and in accordance with his desire and faith he received revelation restoring the knowledge of the Godhead to the earth.
Behold I say unto you, at this time I have again sent My Servant for the purpose of rectifying many errors which have crept into My church, the only church upon the face of the earth in which lies the Priesthood.
These errors, so as in times past, have come about through the efforts of wicked men who have been inspired not of Me, but by that evil one whose only desire is to destroy all that is good.
I have given My Servant revelations which are plain and clear, that bring to light those errors, and which also contain many important doctrines which are necessary for the upbuilding of My church in these the latter days.
Behold I say unto you, if the leaders of this church heed not these revelations they shall be cut off, even to their ultimate destruction.
But if the leaders of My church heed the words of the prophets they shall again have the power of revelation which they have surely lost because of their failure to keep My commandments in which I promised that if they kept not these commandments they would be damned.
And surely I have kept My promise, for My word cannot be stayed neither can it be turned aside, for it is just and true.
Purify yourselves therefore brethren for the responsibilities yet to come.
Cast off all unrighteousness among you, yea, even cast off your selfishness, your strivings, and your quarreling, yea, even also your filthy thoughts.
10 And place on your shoulders the armor of righteousness and of good works. For behold I come quickly.
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