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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 200

Revelation completed June 1996
At Boise, Idaho

It is My will that the members of My school expose from time to time the falsehoods that are circulated among the children of men;
And ye have wondered and contemplated concerning creatures from other worlds visiting this one ye are now on.
Behold, I your Savior say unto you that such things are not possible, for there is no living matter that can circumvent the laws that exist;
Nevertheless, spirits have no such bounds set upon them, and the spirits of confusion, lust, greed, fear, lying, and all other corruption, continually ply upon the susceptible mind to make them believe a lie.
And behind all these spirits is the master of all lies and deceits.
Yet there are many forces and powers that exist that men do not yet understand, and these shall not be revealed unto them until there are people that can receive them in righteousness, which being interpreted is the right use of all things.
And again ye have wondered at the words of My servant Isaiah, wherein he stated that the wild and carnivorous animals will no longer search out each other to destroy.
Behold I say unto you that these are but symbols, and an explanation of these sayings are made in the next paragraphs of My servant Isaiah's writings, showing that these animals depict the different tribes of Israel which have been warring among themselves;
And at this time these tribes will no longer seek to ravage each other, but be reconciled, which reconciliation will result in their imminent power to govern in righteousness, which will bring peace on earth.
10 At this time they will no longer reject Me their Savior, but will accept the sacrifice I made on their behalf, and accept the Lamb of God, and no longer reject the truth, but will embrace it with one voice.
Even so, Amen.
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