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2nd Book of Commandments 201

Revelation dated August 1996
At Boise, Idaho

My son, I your Savior have revealed unto you a great understanding concerning that phenomena ye call death.
For on many occasions it has been written down that I have said that death is an unnecessary thing and at other times it has been written down that I your Savior said that all men must die;
And because of this there appears to be conflict, yet I say unto you it is because of your language and the mistranslation of man that there appears to be a conflict in the matter.
For I say unto you that all men must die according to the flesh;
For even I experienced this when I was crucified upon the cross, and My physical body remained in the tomb for three days, which record ye have indicates, which is correct.
How then can ye say that death is not necessary?
For even those who have been translated, wherein their bodies are changed and deteriorate not, must at a certain time experience death.
And all those who teach other than this have not the truth in them, and are deceivers.
For they understand not My other words wherein I have said that in death there is no loss if ye abide My word, for it is like that there had been no death taken place.
10 For if a man keepeth My word and liveth it throughout his life, when the separation of the spirit and the body taketh place, which is the physical death, all that he has attained to on this earth, even all his knowledge, experience, wisdom, and all the physical possessions that he has obtained in righteousness are not taken from his grasp, and remain his.
11 And if he is faithful, all that others have taken and stolen from him while he sojourned on this earth will be restored unto him in the hereafter, even an hundred fold;
12 And thus it will not be as a death unto him, but a restoration, yea even all things, yea even his wives, children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, yea even all that should have been his on this earth and he received not, shall then be his--
13 Yea, and it shall be as though a death had not occurred, for all that had been taken by the hands of men, yea even by any means, yea even by lies, deceit, theft, extortion, and force shall surely be restored unto him.
14 For I have surely made this promise and none of My promises can be thwarted, for in the resurrection all shall be restored for him to enjoy, that which he hath rightfully obtained.
15 But let no man think that he receiveth these things if he keep not My commandments.
16 For if a man continually breaketh My laws and disregard My word let that man know that he receiveth no such reward.
17 For if a man keepeth all the laws of God during his life and the laws of man prevent him from doing many things that are required to do to enter into My kingdom; and he doeth all that he is able to do, in sincerity, then I will forgive him for his sins, and reward that man accordingly.
18 And I have given unto you, a few of My servants, My word from time to time so that ye may prepare for the calamities to come, for they shall surely come;
19 And this that I prepare a few that will surely heed My word and begin to build up a kingdom unto Me and not the world.
20 And if ye do this with all sincerity and according to My instructions ye shall not die like unto the others, but shall be preserved;
21 And all that ye receive in righteousness shall be added unto you, even an hundredfold;
22 For I your Savior say unto you that death shall lose its sting, and it shall be as if death did not occur, for have I not said that he that overcometh shall not see death?
23 And now ye begin to understand that which has been written concerning this matter.
24 Yet I say unto you that few there be that findeth the way and holdeth tight to the Rod of Iron, which is My word, and enter therein.
25 And at this time I your Savior say unto you that the adversary places before each one of you distractions that he may entrap you, and use up your time, that ye not prepare for the calamities to come.
26 For some, these distractions are from family and acquaintances, to others promises of great wisdom, to others lusts and desires, each according to their own weakness.
27 And thus he seeketh to distract you from your path that he make you his own;
28 And thus I have said unto you on many occasions that ye must keep your eye single to My glory, otherwise these distractions will occupy your efforts, and thus it meaneth the saying ye shall be led unto forbidden paths.
29 And now ye understand why I have given these instructions unto you that ye be continually aware that the adversary seeketh thy destruction at every moment;
30 And now ye understand the saying that ye shall be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, for ye shall be on guard at all times, yet ye shall do no thing to bring attention to yourselves, and shall appear as of no significance to all you come in contact with.
Even so, Amen.
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