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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 203

Revelation dated End of February, 1997
At Boise, Idaho

Behold! I your Savior do speak unto you at this time by the still small voice that more truths be revealed unto the children of men.
Yet there will be few that will heed and understand. Yet for the sake of these few I do give these words unto you.
For I say unto you that Adam did come to this earth with a celestial body, and when a body is celestialized it cannot come to naught;
For when his body separated from his spirit according to the laws that govern death, his body was placed in a sacred place by his sons;
And when Noah entered the ark he took with him the body of Adam;
And when the ark landed he again deposited Adam's body in a sacred place that it be not disturbed;
And it is yet guarded by the angels until he shall again take up his body, and at that point in time the Holy Ghost shall be taken from the earth-- for is he not now the Holy Ghost?
For have I not said this unto you at an earlier time?
And when this is done, behold unless ye are gathered ye shall not be protected from the calamities that are sure to follow.
10 For no longer will there be the constraint that is presently exercised by the Holy Ghost;
11 And unless ye are gathered to places of refuge, ye shall not be protected from these calamities.
12 For when the spirit of Adam entereth again into his body, he shall appear not among the wicked, but among the righteous only.
13 For without constraint the wicked shall do the desires of their hearts, yea even until there are but few remaining upon the earth.
14 And it is for this reason I have endeavored to gather a few that perhaps ye can totally repent of all your iniquities, and turn unto your Savior that ye be preserved.
Even so, Amen.
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