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2nd Book of Commandments 204

Revelation begun March 27, 1998
Near Comanche, Texas

Concerning the First Book of Commandments: ye shall not include any of My servant Parley P. Pratt's writings;
And ye shall read carefully all other revelations except those copied from the compilation of the book called the Doctrine and Covenants, except where changes have been made after the martyrdom of My servant Joseph Smith.
And ye shall determine by My Spirit whether they shall be included or deleted.
For it must needs go forth to the world in as correct form as possible, that they may see clearly that which has been hidden from the membership of My church.

And ye have wondered concerning what the word slavery is as pertaining to My gospel and how it can be correctly understood.
Behold I your Savior do say unto you that some are born unto this earth as slaves, and if they are not brought up in this manner and are given their freedom arbitrarily, behold many will grossly abuse it, and will not know how to govern themselves, and become willful and destructive and abuse all privileges given to them.
For freedom must be earned by each individual, and if this is not done, then the great rewards of freedom are then abused and go unappreciated.
For many men and women enter into the work force of the Babylonian system and enslave themselves by binding themselves by contract to work for others, and thus they have enslaved themselves to some degree; being free only at certain times and bounds.
And others enslave themselves more completely by accepting welfare from the Babylonian governments to help support themselves and their families.
10 Behold, these are slaves indeed, for they need to answer every whit to others, and to those to whom they are indebted to for their support.
11 And others enslave themselves by debt, and the accumulation of debt, and these then become slaves of the financial institutions and the creditors that they owe these monies to.
12 And men become slaves to their wives, being burdened down by many demands and covenants.
13 For all these and other forms of slavery do exist.
14 And in all, most men are burdened down by one form of slavery or another under the Babylonian system.
15 Howbeit, under the Government of God no such burdens exist.
16 For those who are born into slavery have the opportunity, by hard work and labor, to become free men. And those who are slaves and desire not to be anything else, are governed by just laws and receive rewards according to their labor.
17 For is it not written that the slothful servant receive not the reward that is earned by the diligent?
18 And those who give freedom to those who are not prepared for such responsibility, and are unworthy, behold, they do grossly err and lack wisdom.
19 For those that do this, do they not then become responsible for the sins and errors that those they have given freedom to do commit? Behold I say unto you, yea.
20 For when in former times those who owned slaves were governed by strict laws, which if they kept it was counted unto them as righteousness.

21 And again I say unto you, concerning one entering the Order, and their legal spouse does not: In determining their original tithe, they need not consider the fifty percent on that which is legally owned by both;
22 And they shall pay on that which they themselves own outright, and pay their tenth on this only.
23 But in these matters they must be fair and honest, not using this as an excuse not to pay tithe, for none can enter the Order unless they are truly honest in all matters.
24 Yet, if at a later date their spouse passes on, or there is a legitimate separation and division of goods by the law of the land, or the spouse also prepares themselves and enters the Order also, then the ten percent is calculated on the balance and tithed as if they were just entering the Order;
25 And this that all matters may be just and true.
26 Therefore, they shall not pay tithe on jointly owned goods until one of the above, or similar circumstances occur, but shall pay tithe only on their solely owned goods;
27 And, because of the times, this shall be part of the law unto you for those who enter the Order.

28 And behold there are many things that need attending to in preparing a place of refuge for others that follow.
29 And all are important in the setting up of a place of refuge and none can say one is more important than another.
30 Nevertheless, because ye are few in number ye must divide your time wisely.

31 Now I your Savior do give again unto you some more important knowledge concerning My kingdom, and all that pertains to it;
32 For what you discussed in your meeting, wherein you discovered the significance of the narrative in the History of the Church 1:62, (1st BC 17:1-7) ye discovered a very great truth: that I gave unto Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery the Melchizedek priesthood by revelation, for this is the key.
33 For all men who are worthy in the pre- existence are entitled to this Priesthood, and are foreordained;
34 And thus when it is revealed from on high, then they are worthy to take upon themselves that Priesthood that they have been foreordained to, and can use it in this life under the direction of that one appointed.
35 And for this reason all men who undertake to utilize this priesthood must receive it by revelation, and if they receive it in this manner it shall be recognized in the heavens as well as on the earth--
36 And thus these men having their priesthood activated are thus able to act in My name under the direction of their head.
37 And thus revelation is the Key that activates this most holy Priesthood, for no ordination is necessary, for it has already been given to them in the pre-existence.
38 And many men are foreordained to this Priesthood, but fail to live worthy and receive it not, and thus the saying, "many are called, but few are chosen," for this is the true meaning of this passage.
39 And according to My and My Father's instruction, none of the seed of Cain or any of the black race, and yet even the mixture of the black races with any other race, are foreordained to this priesthood--
40 Being that it is not required for their salvation that they are entitled to, and that they shall receive if they otherwise live My commandments.
41 And because they are not foreordained, how can one say that they have received revelation for these people to receive this priesthood? Behold, I your Savior do say unto you, it is impossible!
42 And anyone attempting to do this shall have their own Priesthood taken from them, for they have lied before God and man, and anyone who lies unto God forfeits the rights to act in His name.
43 For they have not understood My word because of their blindness and self-will, and have placed the things and desires of the world to supplant My teachings, and thus gross darkness covers their eyes;
44 And their errors and corruption multiply until their only doctrine is to follow the leader, and only those who have My will in their heart will see their foolishness and errors.
45 Woe unto those who have corrupted My pure doctrine, and cause the people to follow; and woe unto those who follow them, for they also shall be destroyed with the wicked if they repent not.
46 And this I your LORD do say unto you that ye learn wisdom and be not deceived, and be saved,
Even so, Amen.
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